how well do you know harry potter ?

I hope you have enjoyed this quiz like I have enjoyed making it. I got inspired to make this quiz by quizzes I have taken like this. I hope you did well!

Are YOU a genius? The answer to this is YES! Everyone can become a genius in their own different ways. You must love Harry Potter because I do. This was the reason I based it on Harry Potter.

Created by: emily

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  1. Where does Harry and his friends find Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem ?
  2. Who is flying with Mad eye Moody when he dies ?
  3. When does Harry become quidditch captain ?
  4. Who side is Snape on ?
  5. Who impersonates as Moody ?
  6. Who does Hermione invite to go to Slughorn's christmas party with her ?
  7. Who does Harry invite to go to Slughorn's party with him ?
  8. Who curses Katie Bell ?
  9. Why does Dumbledore take Harry withh him to Horace Slughorn's house ?
  10. How does Harry kill Voldemort ?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know harry potter ?