How well do you know frogs?

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Frogs are truly amazing animals with many wonderful qualities, but many of us people do not know very much about them. I believe that is a large problem!

What can we do to fix that problem? learn about frogs! Learn about toads! Do you think you know all there is to know about frogs and toads? Well, take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Lizzie
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1. What is the biggest kind of frog?
Cane Toad
Goliath Frog
Bull Frog
2. A group of seagulls is called a flock, A group of fish is called a school, What is a group of frogs called?
a Pack
a Gaggle
a Knot
an Army
3. What is a group of toads called?
a Pack
a Knot
an Army
a Gaggle
4. What is a frog's worst enemy?
a Bear
a Lizard
a Snake
5. How long do frogs live?
4-50 years
3-16 years
4-15 years
5-18 years
6. How long does the European Common frog live?
20 years
50 years
15 years
25 years
7. Where are the Chilean Frog's Eyespot Marks?
on his head
on his rear end
on his belly
on his back
8. Where does the Surinam Toad live?
South Africa
South America
9. How long is the Darwin's Frog?
4 inches
2 inches
1 inch
5 inches
10. When did the earliest frog appear?
1 million years ago
1 million and twenty years ago
190 million years ago
11. What is the smallest kind of frog?
Goliath Frog
Gold Frog
Tympanod Frog
12. How long is the smallest frog?
1 centimeter
3 centimeters
2.7 centimeters
1.9 centimeters
13. What are frogs the symbol of in Japan?
good luck
14. What is the fear of frogs called?
15. What is the fear of toads called?
16. What is the fear of amphibians called?

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