How well do you know English riding?

Think you know everything there is to know about English riding? Could you be the next Charlotte Dujardin? Or Laura Renwick? This will tell! Read on to find out!

Got what it takes to be a dressage dreamboat? Or a showjumping superstar? Take this quiz and in minutes you will discover whether you should get into dressage or get back to that rodeo!

Created by: Marni

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  1. What is the correct diagonal for trotting?
  2. What is the correct canter lead?
  3. How should your ask for the correct canter lead?
  4. What is the allowance for strides between a related distance? (Showjumping)
  5. Who is Great Britains top female showjumper?
  6. What is the term used more commonly in England for 'two-point'?
  7. What is the correct order of letters in a ménage?
  8. What is the 'left rein'
  9. What is the ideal position of the feet?
  10. What is showjumping?
  11. What is cross country?
  12. What is Dressage?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know English riding?