How Well do You Know Computers!

Do you think you can beat this quiz? Are you smart enough that you can beat it. If you can't get this then why are you on a computer? Take this and see what you get!

Are you smart enough to finish this quiz? Do you think you would fail or pass? No matter how smart you think (and for the angry people know) you are? Well lets see just how smart you are with computers these are just things you should know about computers!

Created by: Ben

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  1. What is a GPU?
  2. What is a CPU?
  3. What is the RAM?
  4. What is the HDD
  5. What is the Tower?
  6. What is the CD-ROM an example of?
  7. What is the NIC?
  8. What is the Monitor?
  9. What is the Motherboard?
  10. What is the C: drive?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Computers!