How tall are you?

Some people want to know if they are tall or short take this quiz and you'll soon find out this quiz has 10 questions but they are very quick this is a quite an accurate quiz.

Who is taller you or your friend if you want to find out take this quiz I would like to thank you for playing this quiz because I spent a long time on this although it was quite fun making it.

Created by: Michelle of Chrome
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1. Are you happy right now?
Sure! Really happy and excited.
Not really.
Not at all!!!
2. Has anyone ever complimented about your height?
Yes all the time!
No never.
3. Do you like your height?
Yes! of course I do I love it.
No I dont
Not really.
4. What do you say when you see someone really tall walking on the streets?
I would like to be like that.
Thanks I'm not like that. Phew
Too tall I don't like it.
5. Do you prefer to be tall or short?
6. Are you one of the tallest in your class?
Yes!! I'm always
I'm always the shortest
I'm not in school anymore
I don't know
I'm normal and average
7. Can you reach high stuff?
Yes I'm always reaching things for my children
I always need to ask someone else to reach stuff ,for me
8. Just 2 more questions?
Can't wait for them
Ahh just come on with it
Not more questions!!!
9. Do you think you are going to get tall?
Obviously tall
I don't know
I think short
10. Do you think you are going to get short?
Not so sure!
Course I'll get short
No tall
I really don't know

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