how St. Louis are you?

how st. louis are you? have you lived here all your life or were you atleast raised here? this quiz will test your st. louisan level. answer as best you can and have fun with it!

are you a true st. louisan, or are you one of those rare kinds that didn't show up unti after highschool? this quiz will show the difference for sure!

Created by: chester
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2. What is your gender?
3. How tall is the arch?
600 feet
650 feet
630 feet
550 feet
660 feet
not sure, but it's taller than anything else in town!
4. how much taller is it than wide?
its width is the same as its height
100 feet
not sure, but definitely taller than wide
200 feet
actually, i think its really close- like only 20 feet difference or something like that
its not. its wider than it is taller.
5. you're out of town and you meet a st.louisan. what's your first question?
what's your name?
where do you go to church?
what part of town do you live in?
where did you go to high school?
where did you go to college?
what's your favorite baseball team?
6. what is 'the barn'?
the place we go on the weekends out in the country to ride horses
a place grandma has out back of her house in illinois
the best nightclub in town
thats what we call the stadium the rams play in
its neighborhood on thesouthside
it was where the Blues played for many years. i was at the implosion and have a brick from it.
7. how many games did the world series of 85 last and who won it?
duh! royals in 7. look in the record books.
royals in 7, but i think we deserved it.
record books are wrong. cards won in 7. horrible call at first base when the royal was obviously out led to us losing thegame.
record books are wrong. cards won in 5. horrible call at first base when the royal was obviously out led to us losing that game and then the series.
record books are wrong. cards won in 6. horrible call at first base when the royal was obviously out led to us losing this game and the series.
yankees. don't they always?
8. who's been making the best icecream in town since 1929?
crown candy kitchen
its a trick question. the answer is ted drewes, but he makes frozen custard, not ice cream
pevely ice cream
the fudgery
st. louis old fashioned ice cream
that place at frontenac plaza
9. why do people still talk about the worlds fair like its a big deal or something? it was over 100 years ago!
because it was way bigger than your average worlds fair-20 million people went that year!
because the icecream cone was invented there
because the olympics were in st. louis that year too. the first olympics outside of europe!
because it was the biggest event in st. louis and the country by far, at a time when st. louis was the 3rd biggest city in the country! bigger than chicago and los angeles even!
answers 1 and 2
all of the above
10. how do we eat our ravioli?
as a main course on the Hill, after bread and salad
we like to mix it with a chocolate sauce for dessert
with knife and fork
what do you mean how? like everyone else in the country
what is ravioli?
11. if you were with me downtown after we won the super bowl in 2000, what would you have seen people doing on top of their cars?
wiping off the snow. crazy blizzard that day!
singing Nelly's 'country grammar'
bobbing and weaving
drinking miller light beer
break dancing
talking about the great pass marc bulger made
12. Nelly is from
the city of st. louis of course! north side
the city of st. louis of course! south side
east st. louis
university city
webster groves
13. who is NOT from st. louis? (metro area this time)
chuck berry- and still does concerts around town!
adolphus busch- started what is now the biggest brewery in the world!
jackie joyner kersee- often considered the greatest female athlete of all time
Yogi Berra- one of the more famous baseball players ever.
President Richard Nixon
T.S. Eliot
14. livin' in the 80's we talked about all our tv channels...
nbc, cbs, kmov, pbs, khtr, and fox
2,4,5, 8,9,11,24,30
kmov, abc, ketc, ksdk
klou, khtr, fox, nbc, cbs, pbs
15. a hoosier is:
a sports fan of IU. why is that a st. louis question?
someone who lives out in the county
someone who lives on the east side
someone from the state of indiana
a farmer
what we call rednecks in the city
16. interstate 64 is....
one of the major interstates going through st. louis
that's what people who aren't from st. louis and use maps call highway 40
too crowded
luckily not as crowded as 44
what used to be route 66
the same as interstate 70
17. how many people do you know that pronounce interstate 44 as 'farty-far' and 'warsh' their clothes?
none. why would anyone talk that way?
one or 2
over 20
18. blueberry hill
is the italian neighborhood on the south side
is a great place for picking berries just across the river in illinois
is the home of chuck berry
is a cafe in central west end
is a track off nelly's first album
is where the blues used to play
19. where do you get groceries?
king soopers
piggly wiggly
ben franklin
20. when you are far away from st. louis, (like 2 time zones or so) and asked where you're from, what do you say?
i'm from tha Lou, and i'm proud
st. louis, MO
i speficy what city in st. louis i'm from
st. louis
the midwest
21. what movie was based on a supposedly true story that took place in st. louis?
the haunting
the shining
the exorcist
white palace
meet me in st. louis
the spirit of st. louis
22. the following happened in st. louis
peanut butter was invented
the first kindergarden in the u.s. was founded here
the building with the largest collection of mosaics in the world is here
the first interstate highway was constructed here
the worlds tallest monument is here
all of the above
23. how many teams have won the world series more than the cardinals?
only the yankees
the yankees and the dodgers ( including when they were in brooklyn)
the yankees and 2 others
the yankees and one other
the yankees, the dodgers, the a's, and the tigers
24. the Blues most amazing record they hold is...
reaching the playoffs 34 straight years- a best in any sport
having never won the stanley cup
going undefeated for 34 straight games in 1982
having gone through the playoffs in 1993 without losing a game
when mike liut posted 7 straight shutouts in 1985
sweeping the blackhawks in the playoffs 3 years straight
25. how do you pronounce the main street that runs out SW from downtown?
26. if you are going to see musical theatre in st. louis, you most likely go to...
the rep
the broadway show in town
the fox
the opera theatre of st. louis
kiel opera house
the muny
27. st. louis has a rather high % of

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