How Positive Are You ?

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MyChemicalBrenod said:
Jan 11 '16, 9:56PM

um excuse me not all emos are sad I'm an emo but I hate smiling and being happy its overrated

Riyashi said:
Dec 29 '15, 7:18AM

I got you are 100per positive wow!!!

Saplings said:
Jun 28 '15, 9:04AM

28% meh

Ok quiz

triger said:
Apr 20 '13, 1:12PM

Not the best quiz ever

Ali4ever said:
Jul 20 '11, 7:20PM

this quiz says i'm positive but this quiz sucked!!!!! the three options were that u smile all the time, u think everthing is stupid, or ur scared of everything!!! i'm none of these things!!!!!

ignastius said:
Oct 11 '08, 10:50PM

That was a fun quiz, I wish other Survey places were fun like this one was... :D

misskiss said:
Sep 14 '08, 8:33AM

I don't curse :P

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