How nice are you?

In our society, there are human beings who will do anything to help a random person in need, but there are also human beings who are so cruel that they'll render another human being helpless just to benefit themselves.

How nice are you, exactly? Get other people to take this quiz. Secretly watch over their shoulder as they record their answers, as this will give you some deep insight on the person, and you may realize you're trusting someone you shouldn't be.

Created by: KawaiiToaster
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How do you greet random people that come up to you and say hi?
Oh hey! I'm ________!
Hi, nice to meet you!
Yo wassup, stranger
I just smile
Go away you little douche
4. Would you help this old lady across the street?👵🏼
Of course I would! Anytime!
Sure I guess
Maybe if she paid me
I'd beg someone else to do it instead
Definitely! And then I'll invite her over for dinner!
Hella no
5. How would you tell a friend no if they invited you to their house but you didn't feel like going?
"I'm so sorry, but I'm so busy that day! Maybe another time?"
"I would, but I can't."
"Lol sorry I' my mom. Lol."
"AHAHAHHAHAHA why the hell would I want to come to your house? No way I'm coming!"
"Sorry, plans."
"Nah I don't wanna hang out right now."
6. What would you do if you failed a test at school and wanted to see if you could possibly get a better grade?
I'd tell the teacher that my mom says I deserve a good grade and she'll beat my teachers ass if I don't get a better grade.
I'd sarcastically say "wow, thanks for the awesome score."
Go into a huge psychotic rage at your teacher
Write a note and give it to your teacher
See if you can arrange a redo or if you can do any extra work
Cry until my teacher feels bad enough to raise my grade
7. How do you take compliments?
I blush and awkwardly look away.
I smirk and smugly say "I know, right?"
Roll my eyes and say "my grandma tells me that all the time, you know."
I smile and thank the person
I go "haha, yeah riiiiight..."
I accuse them of being jealous and trying to befriend me so they can betray me later
8. How do you treat "the quiet kid"?
I respect them more than everyone else because they're more sane.
I bully them, TBH
I give them dirty looks but I be all friendly with them and pretend like they saw my face wrong
I treat them just like anyone else
I put them in the center of attention and then I forget that they don't like that
I'm a person they can talk to if they want to say stuff
9. How do you treat bullies?
I shove them into their gym lockers!
I kill them with kindness :)
I have a one-sided friendship going on with them haha! They hate it and it's funny!
I ignore them as much as possible
I throw insults at them whenever they walk by.
I'm only mean to them if they're mean to me
10. Have you ever used special fighting skills on someone? (Like karate and that kind of stuff)
No cuz I don't know any
Yeah but only because I was being robbed at gunpoint. Literally.
Yeah I do it on my friends. I've only broken two of their arms
I like to beat up everyone with my ninja skillz
No, I've never needed to
I don't know any but if I did I'd use them all the time on everyone!
11. Have you ever been in trouble with the police?
Goodness, no!
They questioned me for something I did but I didnt get punished
I was fined
Yeah I've been in jail before
I was on probation/ ive done community service
I did something but I never got caught!
12. What's the biggest thing you've gotten in trouble for?
None of these! I'd never do such a horrible thing!
I hit my mom when I was 5 cuz she wouldn't let me have a chocolate bar
A littler thing like parking in handicapped spots when I'm not handicapped
13. Would you ever yell at someone?
No! Never!
Well I'd raise my voice but not really yell
Yeah but I'd keep my distance
I'd get up in their face and yell at them
I'd yell in their ear
I'm always yelling at people lol
14. Would you ever hit someone?
No way!
Once I did...I felt horrible about it.
Yeah, honestly I've hit people over little things before.
Well I hit people when I was 5 but now I don't.
Yeah but it would have to be for something bad like cheating
I got in jail for that.
15. Would you betray someone for your own good?
Well if I hated the person then sure.
I'd betray anyone to get my way.
If I could betray them annonymusly then yeah.
If it was for a super good thing like a million dollars.
Maybe, but I'd feel extremely guilty afterwards.
16. Why do you compliment people?
Because it feels good to make people happy, even if I don't actually like the thing I'm complimenting them on!
Cuz my mom tells me to.
Because I actually like the thing I'm complimenting them on.
To start a conversation. It's how I make friends.
So I can say "haha, JK!" and then make fun of them.
I don't. Lol.
17. When do you think it's ok to be honest about someone's flaws?
Anytime. Even if they don't ask.
When they start affecting you in a bad way.
When they start affecting them in a bad way.
Only when they ask.
Never! You might hurt their feelings!
Anytime, as long as you say it in a nice way.
18. Imagine your best friend is embarrassing you in public (like telling people you still poop in diapers) and you want them to stop. What do you do?
I pull them aside and ask them to please stop.
I scream "STOP IT!"
I elbow them hard.
I angrily embarrass them back.
I end the friendship
I leave and ditch my friend.
19. Why do you like your friends?
Because we all love each other and we support each other!
Because they're popular.
They're so dumb they make me look cool.
Because I can make them do anything I want.
So I can have people to gossip with.
I don't, they like me and I pretend to like them back.
20. Do you thank people?
Yes! I thank people too much, actually...
Yeah, but only for big things.
No, that's stupid
21. Imagine you're in a bathroom stall crying, but there's a bunch of people waiting for stalls. How long would you hog the stall for?
Just five more minutes.
I'd leave the stall immediately, but I'd squeeze past people to wash my face with cold water.
I'd leave and let my crying self be on display for everyone I walk past.
Around 15 minutes.
Whatever, it's just ONE stall, it won't make a difference, I'll stay in as long as I want to.
Bathrooms are disgusting so I wouldn't be crying in a stall anyway.
22. Would you ever sacrifice your life?
Only for a kid.
Yes, for anyone!
Maybe for someone I love like family or friends.
Hell no all the lil bishes can die without my help.
Yeah but only for multiple people
I'd sacrifice someone, but not myself.
23. What's the most money you'd spend on someone?
A dollar
Maybe 5 dollars
10-20 dollars
More than 20!
Like 100 dollars, but only if I stole that money.
None of my money!
24. Do you help people?
Yeah, why not?
Yeah, but only if it benefits me as well.
Only if they desperately need it
I'll help with little things
Just people I love
LOL no.
25. What do you care about the most?
My phone
Being generous
My friend/S.O
My family
26. Do you help homeless people?
Always, when I can!
No, I'm homeless myself actually.
Only if I'm sure they're actually homeless
TBH, no
Yes, even though I don't have much money.
27. What do you do if someone asks you an obvious question?
Rudely ask them how severe their mental issues are.
Purposely give the wrong answer.
I answer them and then I say "duh!"
I politely answer them.
I ask them to repeat it so I know I heard them right, because seriously?
I laugh because I think it's a joke
28. What do you do if a gross sweaty person squishes up right next to you in a cramped elevator?
Quietly sing Highway To Hell and glance at them to try to give them the hint
Make a gross face to the other customers so they can see your pain
I try to act like it doesn't affect me.
I start up a friendly conversation with them to be nice.
I sarcastically tell them they smell amazing.
I get out a perfume bottle and spray them
29. You're having a party! Yay! Most of your food is going to be made of meat, but one of your friends tells you that they're a vegetarian.
I'm gonna get some food for them that doesn't have meat.
I'll tell them the burgers are vegan and after they eat it, reveal that I lied and watch their reaction in amusement.
I go "boo, you whore." (Lol Mean Girls quote)
I don't invite them and I tell them that the party got cancelled.
I apologize, but I don't get food for them.
I ask them if they can eat meat "just this once".
30. You're hosting a birthday party and notice that one of your friends doesn't seem to be having very much fun. What do you do?
Act like I don't notice.
Get them included!
Gossip about how they're being a party pooper to the other guests.
Ask them to leave.
Ask them how they're doing.
Get someone to hang out with them while you have fun with the others.
31. Your friend wants you to hang out with them, but you guys are gonna go see their Uncle Bob. You hate Uncle Bob. What do you do?
I say "sorry, I can't go :("
I ask if they can see Uncle Bob another day.
I say "hell no."
I go and put up with Uncle Bob.
I don't answer them so they don't know if I'm coming or not.
I go, but I'm leaving early if Uncle Bob is annoying me.
32. What do you do if you accidentally hurt your friend?
Honestly I bet I hurt them on purpose.
I act like the victim so I don't get hated on.
I sincerely apologize.
I try to fix whatever I did.
I make some lame excuse.
I go into hiding for a few days until I can come up with a plan
33. One of your friends is really upset from a recent break up, but a group of your friends are going out for a night on the town and invited you. Who do you choose?
I cancel with the group and comfort my upset friend.
I hang with my upset friend, but I don't give them any sympathy.
I go with the group and tell my sad friend I can't hang out.
I choose no one. Friends are overrated.
I'll hang out with the group for a little and hang out with my sad friend for most of the time.
I'll hang with my sad friend for a little and hang out most of the time with the group.

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