How much of a lawyer are you?

Many people think they have the smarts to become lawyers, but how much common sense do you have when it comes to the law? How many factoids do you know about the legal system?

Thanks to this new quiz, you can test your knowledge with a few simple questions from different areas of the law... now you can see how great a lawyer you might be!

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3. You see someone being treated disrespectfully by the police. The police are shoving them unneccessarily and calling them derogatory names. You:
walk away quickly before they spot you
point and laugh
think the cops are a--holes but do nothing
step in and try to stop it
tape it on your cell phone and file a complaint
figure the person must have deserved it
4. you are pulled over by a cop, who wants to search your car for marijuana. He says, "well, you don't mind if I look, since you have nothing to hide, right?" You:
get out of the way so he can search.
tell him to get a warrant.
ask him whether he has probable cause to search
refuse, saying you will not consent to a search
take off running
5. Which of these is NOT a current Supreme Court Justice?
6. You sign a contract with someone to buy their TV. You pay the money, but before you can get the TV, they call and tell you they sold it to someone else, and then stop taking your calls. You sue for:
your money back
your money back and punitive damages
screw it, it was just a couple hundred bucks
them to turn the TV over to you
the return of the money and jail time for the person for cheating you
7. You cheated on your partner and caught a disease. Your soon to be ex partner takes out an ad in the local paper, telling the world, causing you to get fired. You sue him for
Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
lost wages due to reckless disregard of his actions
none of the above
8. a mandatory injunction is:
where the court makes someone stop doing something
where the court prevents someone from doing something
where the court orders someone to do something
where the court "pauses" a case until more facts can be learned
9. construction is the term for:
creating new laws
interpreting laws
building a new home
modifying laws
10. What is detinue?
a common law term meaning return the property or pay it's value
a common law term meaning to stop doing something
a common law term allowing a person to be held by the police
the court's scheduling of the docket
the court's ordering of two adverse parties to meet to decide terms of a settlement
11. Which of these is not one of the bill of rights?
Right to bear arms
Freedom of assembly
freedom from unlawful search and seizure
Right to a jury trial
right to not be enslaved
12. anticipatory repudiation does generally absolve a person of contractual liability: true or false
13. What is a way the courts can obtain jurisdiction over a person
in ignetium
in rem
in meruit
in factum
ex parte
14. Which of these is not part of the commonly cited ways to brief a case
15. Which state allows graduates of it's law schools to practice without needing to take the Bar exam?
16. conversion is most frequently synonomous with the crime of:
17. the title earned by someone who graduates from most US law schools is
Juris Doctor
Juris Doctorate
Doctor of Juris
Doctor of Law
18. You grow pot in your backyard surrounded by a high fence. Cops have a hunch, and they fly over in a small plane to check it out, and then come bust you. IN court you plead:
not guilty because they were violating the seach and seizure requirements set out by the Constitution
not guilty because they invaded your privacy
lawyers don't have pot, silly, and if I am taking this quiz I know better!
19. Which is not part of the frameowrk for tort analysis?
sorry my caps button was stuck
20. Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego is an awesome school.

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