How Much of a Cuck Are You?

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In the course of your travels on the Internet, you may have come across a peculiar term: "cuck". What is a cuck? In the strictest sense of the word, it is someone who enjoys watching their partner sleep with other people. But in the broader sense, it takes on a deeper meaning.

A cuck is somebody without scruples. Without pride. Someone who lets their emotions determine their ideology and whose chief argument for his positions is "It's (the current year)!" Are you a cuck? Take our handy quiz and find out!

Created by: KebabKrusher
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How would you describe your views on social issues?
Extremely Conservative
Extremely Liberal
Other/Don't Know
4. Do you believe the government has a duty to provide basic needs for its citizens, such as food, housing, education, and basic income?
Yes, all humans have a right to access basic necessities and opportunities and the government must provide for that.
In certain cases, yes, but only as temporary aid while the person needs it.
No, it is the individual's responsibility to provide for themselves and their dependents.
5. A retail company pays its employees an average of $40,000 a year. Meanwhile, the CEO takes home several million dollars a year. What should be done about this?
The CEO's wealth should be seized and redistributed to the workers.
If the workers are unhappy with their wages, they should petition the CEO to raise their pay. Otherwise, nothing should be done.
It's natural that a CEO would earn more than a cashier, but his income should be capped and/or he should be taxed heavily.
"Done"? Nothing should be done. It's the CEO's business and he is breaking no law.
6. What is your opinion on gun ownership?
It is the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms, no "buts", no exceptions.
Citizens should be allowed to have guns but common-sense measures should be enacted, such as background checks and registration.
Guns for hunting or sport shooting are fine, but guns specifically designed for killing--such as assault rifles and handguns--ought to be restricted.
Guns should really only be handled by trained professionals, such as the military and law enforcement.
7. Do you think college campuses should have designated "safe spaces", where certain words, discussions, ideas, media, and types of people are prohibited?
Students can form them if they want, but the university shouldn't be involved.
8. How many genders are there?
More than two.
None, gender is a social construct.
9. Should "hate speech" be considered a crime?
10. If you've taken the political compass test, where have you generally aligned to?
Lower-left quadrant.
Lower-right quadrant.
Upper-right quadrant.
Upper-left quadrant.
Near the center.
I haven't taken this test.
11. Do you believe a race or culture has a duty to repay other races or cultures they have wronged in the past?
It depends on how recent the event was, and how severe.
12. What are your views on immigration?
A country should care for its own people before letting outsiders in.
Immigrants should be allowed, but only if they agree to obey our laws and customs and assimilate into our culture.
Immigration is a positive thing and should be encouraged; of course, border security is important too, but a balance must be struck.
Borders are arbitrary. People should be free to go where they want.
13. What did you major in/are you currently majoring in in college?
Religious studies/seminary
Liberal arts
Other/no degree
14. What is one thing you would like to improve about your country?
Scientific/technological development.
Business opportunities/economic health.
Equality and social justice.
The environment.
15. Is "white privilege" a real thing?
Yes, but it's not as big a deal as some people make it out to be.
16. Sam was born male. One day, Sam announces that from now on he identifies as a woman and would prefer to be called Samantha and referred to with she/her pronouns. What is Sam(antha)'s gender?
17. Should someone lose their job because of an offensive Facebook post, Tweet, text message etc.?
It depends on who it offended.
18. In general, what is your opinion of feminism?
Mostly/entirely positive.
Somewhat positive.
Neutral/don't know.
Somewhat negative.
Mostly/entirely negative.
19. What set of hobbies sound most appealing to you?
Reading, writing, and drawing.
Hunting, fishing, and camping.
TV shows, movies, and video games.
Sports, martial arts, and working out.
Crafts, building projects, and repair/restoration work.
None of these sound appealing.
20. Is morality objective or relative?
Not sure.
21. What best describes your religious views?
Gnostic theist (I know there is a higher power).
Agnostic theist (I don't know if there is a higher power, but I believe there is).
Agnostic atheist (I don't know if there is a higher power, and I don't believe there is one either).
Gnostic atheist (I know there is no higher power).
22. "Modern" art vs. "traditional" art: who wins?
Modern art.
Traditional art.
Neither; artistic taste is subjective.
23. What is your opinion of open relationships?
I'm not interested in one but I understand why some people choose them.
I'm interested in pursuing an open relationship or am in one currently.
I think they are wrong and abnormal.
24. Your country suddenly finds itself saddled with thousands of migrants from a foreign land. These migrants are from a culture very different from your own, and most refuse to assimilate; indeed, some of them are even violently opposed to your nation's culture and attack it at every opportunity. What course of action should be taken?
These people are being violent because their needs are not being met. Our culture must change to accommodate the needs of immigrants.
The violent offenders ought to be punished, but we must be careful to avoid generalizing the entire demographic.
If any immigrant wishes to live in our country, they must abide by our laws, observe our customs and traditions, and assimilate to our culture. If they hate it here so much, they are always free to go elsewhere.
Ideally this would be a non-issue, as these people would never be granted access in the first place.
25. What is your ideal form of government?
Fascism or another single-party state system
Confederation, feudalism, or another form of tribal/regional government
26. What is the role of the state?
The state should care for and protect its citizens in every way.
The state should strive to elevate a people and unite them in noble causes and pursuits.
The state should ensure everyone is treated equally and has access to the same services and opportunities.
The state should concern itself with three things only: national defense, enforcing private contracts, and protecting citizens from crimes against their persons and possessions.
The state should command absolute respect and loyalty from its citizens, in all matters large and small.
The state is nothing but an impediment to freedom; anarchy is the answer!
27. How important is tradition to you?
Very important.
Somewhat important.
Not very important.
Not important at all.
Not sure.
28. Many people believe there is a problem with a lack of diversity in many forms of entertainment media; what is your opinion?
There is a problem with a lack of diversity, and steps should be taken to correct it.
There is a problem with a lack of diversity, but artistic freedom must come first in these matters.
There is not a problem with diversity, or lack thereof.
29. Do you believe there is a political bias among the academics of America and Western Europe?
Yes, there is a liberal bias.
No, there is no significant bias.
Yes, there is a conservative bias.
30. Should children be taught about LGBT issues in schools?
Don't know/not sure.
31. Would you enlist in your nation's military if it went to war?
It would depend who we were fighting and why.
I am already serving/have served in my nation's armed forces.
32. How involved should the government be in private business and the financial sector?
There should be no private sector; the state should control all capital and industry.
Private industry should be allowed, but under careful state supervision.
The government should only regulate things like a fair minimum wage, equitable hiring processes etc.
As long as a business isn't stealing, committing fraud, or engaging in other blatantly criminal activity, they should be free to do as they please.
Other/not sure.
33. What book is better: "The Prince", or "Utopia"?
The Prince.
Don't know/not sure.
34. In general, do you believe society has gotten better or worse in the last 100 years?
About the same.
Not sure.
35. What course of action do you believe would bring about the best change in society?
Society is on the right course as it is.
An abandonment of the outdated values and beliefs it still clings to.
A return to traditional values.

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