How much Massachusetts do You Really Know ?

I'm always amused by Internet quizzes, and a recent "How Massachusetts are You" quiz inspired me to take it one step further. I've created my own quiz with even more difficult questions for you to answer !

Are you a TRUE "Mass-Hole"? You might be from New England, but you might be completely unaware of everything around you too ! If you are truly from here, then you are somewhat arrogant about your own hometown knowledge. Prove it !

Created by: Scott Eck
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2. What is your gender?
3. Just WHAT is Hyannis, Masschusetts ?
4. When Boston was expanding in the 1700's, Shawmut Island was filled-in with dirt to create the new downtown area. Where did all the dirt come from ?
The Needham Flats
The Back Bay
Bunker Hill
The Dover Cliffs of England
5. What is the proper pronounciation of the Massachusetts' town Tewksbury ?
Only the maniacs in that town say Tucks-bury !
6. Where in Massachusetts, is the Purgatory Chasm ?
North Adams
7. How many bridges cross the Cape Cod Canal?
8. Where have the New England Patriots NEVER played a football game ?
Fenway Park
Schaeffer Stadium
Sullivan Stadium
Campanelli Stadium
Nickerson Field
Foxboro Stadium
9. Where does Interstate-90 BEGIN and END ?
West Stockbridge and East Boston
Lee and East Boston
Springfield and East Boston
Seattle and East Boston
Worcester and Downtown Boston
Albany and Brighton
10. Which band is NOT from Boston ?
The Dresden Dolls
The J Geils Band
The Swinging Erudites
11. How do you properly pronounce the name of the Massachusetts' town Salisbury ?
12. Which ONE of these things is NOT like the others ?
The Golden Banana
The Wang
The Squire
The Cabaret

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