How much do youse know about Rho Dyelun?

Ok, If you think that you are a Rhode Islander, or maybe you moved away and want to brush up on your skills, then this is the quiz for you. I generated this test after work one night, hopefully you will find it enjoyable.

How "smot" are you? Do you remember the "Reddy Freddy ATM at Old Stone Bank? Do you have a "Lo-numba" license plate? If you know that the Providence Airport is ACTUALLY in Warwick, then take the quiz.

Created by: Rick
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. True Rhode Islanders take their clothes to what place to be cleaned?
The Dry Cleaners
1 Hour Martinizing
The Cleansers
Fuggedaboutit, I'll jes go to Nort Pravhidence and buy a new suit at Spardellas.
4. What is the name of the "Big Blue Bug"?
Martin McFLY
Nibbles Woodaway
The Big Blue Bug
5. Someone asks you directions to "The Bullavod", in what city is it located?
6. Directions are given in time or distance? "It's about 10 minutes away from here" or "It's about 3 miles away."
7. What is a cabinet?
A place that you store dishes
A frozen milkshake with ice cream
A place to hang your clothes
8. You just left a club downtown, where do you grab a bite at 2:30 AM
Haven Brothers
Pizza Queen
9. What is a Quahog?
A wild boar found on Prudence Island
A close relative to a clam
A land hog in Quonochontaug
10. Where is "The Rustic" Drive-in?
What's a Drive-in?
on Rt.146
11. A Bubbla is?
A What?
drinking fountain
12. Complete the saying... "Nooo School.______ _______.
This Morning
This Week
North Prohvidence
13. What was Shepards?
A pie?
A person that herded sheep in South County
an outlet
14. I gotta make a run to "the packie" Where am I going?
A liquor store
a place that boxes things
the grocery store
15. Your visiting a friend in Woonsocket, he tells you to "bend ya head" as you walk into the house... what is he telling you?
DUCK! Dont bang your head on the ceiling
he wants to tell you a long winded story
Who has friends in Woonsocket that they ADMIT to having?
16. Your told to "Go left at the split" Which way are you going?
Right onto 95 North
Left onto 95 South

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