How much do you really know about Trek?

This quiz is compiled with questions from all Star Trek series. Most people are only familure with one or two, but do you think you know all series? Try this quiz and find out.

How well you you know Star Trek? Take this short quiz and find out. Are you as smart as a Vulcan? We will see. Are you worthy of assimilation or just some minor bipedal species?

Created by: Christopher
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3. In the Voyager episode "Scorpion", which new species struck fear into the Borg?
The Kazon
The Vorta
Species 8472
Species 7284
Species 1349
Species 1439
4. The interstellar alliance known as The United Federation of Planets is spread out over 8,000 light years and consists of how many planets?
5. Who is Voyager's morale officer?
6. Who is Joran Belar?
A Bajoran Polititian
Leader of "The Circle"
A Dax host
The former Prefect of Terok Nor
A Cardassian Gul
7. What is the function of a Bussard collector?
Collects DNA and other biomatter
A component on the holodeck
A probe used to send telemetry from stellar phenoma
Attracts hydrogen gas used for fuel
8. Who is the only known helmsman to reach Warp 10?
Lieutenant Geordi LaForge
Lieutenant Tom Paris
Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
Lieutenant Commander Data
9. During their final year at Starfleet Academy, cadets are subject to a simulation know as...?
The Enterprise Incident
Red Squad
Kobayashi Maru
Neutral Zone
10. In the Enterprise episode "In a Mirror, Darkly", the crew of the ISS Enterprise hijack what ship from the Tholians?
USS Excelsior
USS Exeter
USS Enterprise
USS Defiant
USS Voyager
USS Sato
11. In the Voyager episode "Caretaker", the Caretaker's array hurls Voyager approximately how many light years from the Badlands?
12. Every seventh year of their adult life, Vulcan males experience a need to return to their home planet to mate. This event is known as...?
The Phage
Pon Farr
The Quickening
Amok Time

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