How Much Do You Know About Titanic?

Have you ever really thought about the greatness of the "unsinkable" Titanic, and thought to yourself, "Do I know anything about it?" This test should tell you! I really love this movie, and want you to too. Many people know a lot about the actual sinking of it, but the movie is actually quite different!

This movie is the best! It's definately the best movie ever made, and it is definately my favorite movie ever! I find the sad sob story inspiring, and grand, but you need to remeber that it's not just a sad sob story, it is very much real in every way whatsoever!

Created by: Katie
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1. What are the names of the two main characters?
Jack Dawson & Rose Dewitt Bukater
Ryan Pindery & Kate Reed
Jack Pender & Molly Brown
Rose brown & Jack Astor
J. J. Astor & Caliver Hockry
Benjamin Sandler & Mary Freeman
2. Who plays the two main characters?
Kate Winet & Basil Dsicci
Leonardo Newman & Sarah Baker
Patricia McGuire & Sam Deveeto
Leonardo Dicaprio & Kate Winslet
Bella Pesie & Mark Benifred
Francis Rendint & Taylor Smith
3. When did Titanic sink?
March 31, 1910
September 17, 1913
December 23, 2000
May 15,1995
July 18, 1852
April 15, 1912
4. Who were the richest passengers on the ship?
Mr. Ismay & Captain J. Smith
J. J. Astor & Madeline Astor
Molly Brown & Jack Dawn
James Madison & Andrew Penn
Katie Pensky & John Pensky
Madison Rotet & Patricia Patis
5. How many children did the two main characters have?
IDK at all!!!
6. (In the movie) How did the one main character recieve/pruchase the ticket
He bought it off the internet
He recieved it from his best friend
He stole it from a first class passenger
He recieved it in a lucky game of poker
He begged his mother to buy it for him
He didn't
7. What is the famous song made for the movie?
Kiss Kiss
Never Give Up
Be True to Your Heart
Never Forget Me
Open my Door
My Heart Will go On
8. Where did the two main characters first meet?
The Bathroom
While the passengers were entering the Titanic
The Dining room of Titanic
In the lounge of the Titanic
The back of Titanic
The front of Titanic
9. What did one of the main characters save the other from doing?
commiting suicide
choking till death
falling off a cliff
getting hit by the iceberg
drowning in the indoor pool
marrying the wrong person
10. What was the name of the line that owned Titanic?
Bravery Line
Golden Ship Line
Golden Boat Line
Greatness Line
White Star Line
Belfront Line
11. What was the real name of the "unsinkable" Molly Brown?
Kaydence Brown
Sydney Brown
Margret Brown
Mary Brown
Lindsey Brown
Stacey Brown
12. What was the main character's dying wish for the other?
to die with him
to survive, and never lose hope
to never forget him, and don't re-marry
to stay beautiful, and never let go of her looks
to never throw away the picture he drew of her
to buy a new house for them
13. Honestly, have you ever seen the movie Titanic?
Yes, and I loved it so much!
Yes, it was ok!
Yes, and I hated it!
No, but I really want to!
No, but I've heard about it!
No, and I don't plan to!

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