How much do you know about math?

Look, this quiz is REALLY difficult. Anyone coming here is either daring or geniotic, and it has many seperate subjects. But, when I made this, I was at less than year 9. I felt I knew a few things I wasn't supposed to know despite not knowing a few things I SHOULD know.

Anyway, you're here. Let's just see how much you know about math, or if luck itself will lead you to a slight victory. Although I must say...luck doing the quiz is extremely...unLUCKly. *kneeslap*

Created by: FireyDeath4

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  1. Are you ready? This is going to be REALLY difficult, I promise you. (No effect)
  2. What's the equivalent of a googolplexianiteronhedronanavereondiallagoshalalcazaronbrientae? (Also, don't be hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobic...)
  3. How many cubes are in a tesseract?
  4. What's the formula for Graham's number?
  5. How much is hexahectotriacontaocta?
  6. What are the first 25 places of Φ?
  7. What's the square root of 444,889? (DON'T USE A CALCULATOR)
  8. What's the ennearact of 2.9? (DON'T USE A CALCULATOR)
  9. What's sine?
  10. What can be substituted for ×?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about math?