How much do you know about Full House?

There are many people that watched Full House. It was a big hit in the '90's and it still runs in syndication. It was a very cute, very funny show, and many people liked it.

However, many people don't know as much about it as they think they do. Are you samong this group, or are you a Full House expert? Thanks to this quiz, you will soon know!

Created by: amazon
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1. What are the names of the three men who live in the house?
Jesse, Danny, and Joey
Tom, Dick, and Harry
Mickey, Goofy, and Donald
Adam, David, and Jimmy
2. What is the name of the oldest daughter, D.J?
Dora Jane
Doreen Jacqueline
Donna Jo
Denise Jennifer
3. Which of these was one of Michelle's catchphrases?
You're a jerk!
You got it, dude!
It's not my fault you're ugly.
I love being cute.
4. What kind of dog is Comet?
Golden retriever
Chesapeake bay retriever
5. Who often said, "How rude!"?
6. Here's a harder one: Who shared Nicky and Alex's birthday?
7. Also tricky: Where did Jesse and Becky get married?
Valentine, Nebraska
San Francisco (where I left my heart)
8. Where did Danny work?
Male maid
A talk show host on Wake Up, San Francisco!
9. What was the name of Joey's puppet/dummy?
Mr. Woodchuck
President Polk
Minnie Mouse
10. What was the name of Danny's wife, and how did she die?
Pam/car accident with a drunk driver
Raven/OD'ed on crack cocaine
Jessica/plane crash
11. Did you like Full House?
Eh, it was okay.

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