How Much Do You Know About Dali?

Do you think you know everything there is to know about world Spanish symbolism genius Salvador Dali? We know he's talented, eccentric, influencial and well rounded; but what else do you know about the man behind the clocks???

Take this quiz and find out just how much you THINK you know about art's favorite eccentric Mr Salvador Dali! Find out where he went to school, his siblings, and his REAL name!

Created by: nicole of suburban fiasco
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1. The ants in Dalis work symbolize
his love for nature
his fear of his mother
his love for the taste of insects
his exploration of death
his lust for filth
his anger toward science
2. What was Salvador's birth name?
Salvador Dali Jacinto Del Rio
Salvador Felipe Jacinto DalĂ­ y Domenech
Salvador Dali Fellipe Rio Del
Salvador Dali
Salvador Jacinto Rio Felipe
Sal Dal Rio Domenech
3. Dali had a great fear of ______ which was demonstrated in most of his work...
4. What was the name of one of Dali's most popular paintings featuring melting clocks over a landscape?
"Persistant Time"
"Persistance Of A Memory"
"Memories Of Persistance"
"Time In A Memory"
5. What was Dali's wife's name?
6. Dali's symbolism of creatures half way to heaven but still attatched to earth were _______ and ______ with spidery long legs
cats and dogs
dogs and ponies
fish and elephants
elephants and horses
dragons and birds
dinosaurs and insects
7. Dali had an older brother who died at the age of 7 from an attack of
the liver
the heart
8. when and where did Dali go to art school?
1919 in Barcelona
1912 in Costa Blanca
1920 in Buenos Aires
1925 in Costa Calida
1921 in Madrid
9. what was dali's signature facial accent?
bushy eyebrows
pursed lips
a long beard
an upturned mustache
a pierced lip
thick glasses
10. what year did Dali pass away; and how old was he?
1990 100 years old
1992 87 years old
1999 89 years old
1989 85 years old
still alive at 105 years old

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