How Much Do You Know About Christmas Movies?

This Quiz does not mean that you are not in the Christmas Spirit because not all people watch Christmas movies when there is so much else to do to get ready for the big day. If and when you have some free time, please gather the family and watch some of the best movies ever made.

We hope you had a good time taking this Quiz and maybe you will find out that you have seen more than you thought you had when you see your answers. Thank you!

Created by: Jim Myers of G-ma & Pappy's Place
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3. In the Christmas Story, what kind of BB Gun did Ralphy get?
Red Rider
Red Rider with a compass in the stock and a thing that tells time.
One that shoots BB's
Ole Blue
4. What was the name of the town in "It's A Wonderful Life?"
New York City
Bedford Falls
Baily Town
5. In Scrooged, what did the ghost of Christmas Present hit scrooge with?
Her fist
Her wand
A Toaster
A Top Of The Line VCR
6. What was the name of the town that the Grinch visited?
Bedford Falls
Christmas City
Who cares
7. Who won the Christmas Lights Contest in The Peanuts Gang Christmas?
Charlie Brown
8. One of the following is not one of Santa's reindeer. Which one is it?
9. In Scrooged, who was the Ghost of Christmas Past?
A Pixie
A Fairy
A Taxi Driver
A Homeless Person
10. Who was the main person in "It's A Wonderful Life?"
George Jefferson
George Gobel
George Baily
George Washington
11. Who ate the turkey in A Christmas Story?
The Neighbors
The Family
Bumpas Dogs
They ate at a Chinese Resturant
12. Yes, ________, there is a Santa Claus!
Little Girl
For all good little boys and girls
13. What did the Grinch use as his reindeer?
Didn't have any
Max (his dog)
14. What was causing all the trouble in "The Day They Saved Christmas?"
No Snow
A Snow Storm
Blasting For Oil
Santa's Elves were on strike
15. Where was Santa's workshop located in "The Day They Saved Christmas?"
North Pole
Ice City
North Pole City
Ice Pole City
16. What was the angel's name in "It's A Wonderful Life?"
17. What were the names of the cop and taxi driver in Bedford Falls?
Kermit & Piggy
Big Bird & Grouch
Cookie Monster & Grouch
Bert & Ernie
18. The star in The Santa Clause was in what sitcom?
Green Acres
Home Improvements
All In The Family
19. What happens when the bell rings?
Time to eat
Time to get up
An angel gets its wings
The fight begins
20. How many reindeer pulls Santa's sleigh?

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