How Michigan are you?

Many people dream about the fantastic lifestyle of a true Michigander or is it Michiganian? You may not live in Michigan, but you still may have those beloved Michigan traits that others crave.

How Michigan are YOU? Take this quiz and find out just how Michigan you really are! No, really try it, you'll like it. It's great fun! You can never know until you take the quiz, so .... here we go!

Created by: Rachel
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you start conversations by pointing to a spot on your hand and saying, "I live here."?
Yes, of course. Who doesn't?
No, why would anyone do that?
Sometimes, but only when I am sleeping
Certainly, I live in the thumb
4. Do you know what pasties are?
Yes, they are like really good pot pies.
Yes, they are things exotic dancers wear.
Maybe, are they art projects made with paste?
No, I am uninterested in pasties.
No, What are those and who cares?
5. Which best fits the weather in your state?
Always sunny, never a drop of rain.
Moderate temperatures and precipitation.
Hot and humid.
Cold and cloudy
First cold, then windy, then cloudy, then sunny, then raining, then sleeting, then snowing
6. Do you drink pop?
Oh yes, Vernors and Faygo all the way.
yes, who doesn't?
No, I only drink soda.
No, I am uninterested in pop.
What is pop?
7. Have you ever lived or visited Michigan?
Yes, born and raised in Michigan, stayed here all my life.
Yes, born there, but moved later.
Yes, been vacationing there.
Yes, drove through once, on my way to somewhere better.
No, but would like to go there some day.
No, and have absolutely no interest in Michigan or visiting.
8. Do you know the name of the Michigan state bird?
Yes, but I'll only tell you if you show me where you live by using your hand.
Yes, I believe it is the Robin.
No, but I really want to know, so when I go to Michigan, I can use the answer as a trivia tidbit.
No, I do not know.
No, who cares what the state bird is anyway.
9. How many pot holes are in the road on the street you live?
Last count 381+
At least 10
2 to 3
Maybe one
What's a pot hole?
10. Do you think everyone else in the world speaks with an accent and you do not?
Yes, why can't everyone speak normally like me?
What accent?
No, I speak with a thick accent.
No, I am uninterested in accents.
11. Are you a yooper or a troll?
I am da yooper - closest neighbor is 5 miles away.
I am a troll - I live under the bridge.
I am neither - I think it is wrong to give people labels. Labels are for clothes.
What's a yooper?
What's a troll?
12. When vacationing,is anywhere north of where you live called, "up north?"
Definitely, I go "up north" on vacation.
No, that is just silly.
No, I go "down south."
No, I go "out west."
No, I go "out east."

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