How Louisiana are you?

Many people have been to Louisiana, but not everyone is a true Louisianian. There are so many unique things about our wonderful state. A true Louisianian knows where we came from and what makes us special.

Are you from Louisiana? Or, maybe you are you just passionate about our great state and appreciate all it has to offer. Take this quiz to find out how much you really know about the unique and wonderful state of Louisiana.

Created by: Shannon
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Under 18 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. What city is the Capitol of Louisiana?
New Orleans
Baton Rouge
4. What is the Louisiana state bird?
White Pelican
Brown Pelican
5. What is the Louisiana state flower?
Tiger Lily
Louisiana Iris
6. What is the French Quarter?
A place to party
The Vieux Carre'
Home of the Hurricane
The oldest neighborhood in the city
The oldest French settlement in the United States
All of the above
7. What color is K&B?
8. What is a Cochon de lait?
A big barbecue
A crawfish boil
A pig roast
Boudin balls
9. What is the Louisiana state insect?
Honey bee
Yellow jacket
American roach
None of the above
10. How often does it snow in Louisiana?
Every winter
About every 5 years
Not since the 1800s
About every 20 years
11. How did Louisiana get it's name?
Louisiana is French for "wetlands"
It was named after King Louis XIV and Queen Anna
It was originally named la Louisiane, which means "Land of Louis"
Someone in the 17th century made it up
No one knows
12. Which of the following is true about Louisiana?
The state reptile is the alligator
The state amphibian is the green tree frog
The state freshwater fish is the white perch
The state crustacean is the crawfish
The state wildflower is the Louisiana iris
All of the above
13. What does Mardi Gras mean?
Fat Tuesday
Eat, drink and be merry
Throw me something mister
Purple, green and gold
14. How is Nachitoches, Louisiana pronounced?
15. What is a bayou?
A lake
A cold stream
A pond stocked with fish
A slow-moving river
A flood zone
16. Louisiana has which of the following?
The tallest state capital in the United States
The longest bridge over water in the world
The tallest building in the United States
A and B
B and C
17. When they say "Don't eat the dead ones" at a crawfish boil, what do they mean?
Don't eat the red ones.
Don't eat the black ones.
Don't eat the ones with straight tails.
Don't eat the giant ones.
18. What are cracklins?
Home made potato chips
Pig feet
Turkey wings
Fried pig skin
Broken up peanut brittle
19. What is Tchoupitoulas?
An alcoholic drink.
A street.
A plague.
A parish.
A culinary delight.
20. What does '"dressed" mean?
Mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato
Having clothes on
A turkey with cornbread dressing stuffed inside
The food is seasoned
21. Who has the best king cake?
22. What color do you bleed?
Purple and gold
23. What does "Laissez les bon temps rouler" mean?
Let the good times roll
Eat good, drink good, and be lazy
Happy Mardi Gras
24. Hurricane parties are real.
25. What is the most popular vacation destination for Louisianians?
The smokey mountains
Florida beaches
Galveston island
26. How is the quality of a po boy measured?
The brand of his clothing.
The quality of the contents.
The number of napkins used.
27. What is the state tree of Louisiana?
the bald cypress
the live oak
the magnolia tree
the dogwood tree
28. What is the meaning of "Cajun"?
Louisiana food
People from Lafayette
Spicy food
Nickname for "Acadians", French Canadian immigrants to Louisiana
29. What is the Louisiana state mammal?
Black bear
Wild boar
Whitetail deer
30. Which of the following statements is true in Louisiana?
It's not unusual to have temperatures in the 80s on Christmas.
Football is a season.
Christmas trees should not be taken down until January 6th.
The state dog is the Catahoula Leopard dog.
The Old State Capitol is haunted.
All of the above.

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