How long you have to stay in a wedgie and what type

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Eunice has a dog said:
Jan 11 '18, 2:47PM

this is so true!!! I got 100% Atomic Wedgie for five hours and it is so accurate. As a hobby, before I went to the war, i'd have my gay husband give me wedgies and spank me. "PULL HARDER JOHNNY!!" I'd exclaim but God as my witness, he could never pull hard enough. Don't even get me started on the spanking, let's just say I knew he liked dick from the first time he spanked me. Let me just say, no no, Eunice, you said you wouldn't get started. Anyway, the point is wedgies are my kink, maybe that's why I am on my fourth marriage. Okay, thank you for giving me accurate results!!! -Eunice- (PS if you're ever in Richfield, Wisconsin I'll have you give me an extreme wedgie and spank me all night baby, hugs and kisses, Eunice the 89-year-old veteran)

DarkIsTheCat said:
Jan 8 '18, 9:54PM


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