How Life Experienced Are You?

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Nobody will ever be able to experience everything there is to life, but from what I have found able to list, have you been able to experience enough of what life has to offer?

How much have you experienced in life from what I've listed? Again, nobody will have experienced all of life, but from what I've listed, let's see how much you actually have experienced in life!

Created by: tomboykaitie
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Dating.
You have never dated anyone.
You've dated one or two people.
You've had a good amount of relationships.
You are constantly dating different people.
You've dated, but have found that it's better to be single.
4. Dating.
Again, you have never been in a relationship.
You're relationships all have ended well.
You're relationships all have ended sourly.
When your relationship ended, you didn't care.
Eh, half-and-half. Half ended good, half ended badly.
5. Bullies.
You've been known to be a bit of a bully.
You've had a lot of experience with stupid bullies.
Both of the above.
You haven't had much of an experience with bullying...
6. Truth.
You've been known to be a bit of an open book.
You prefer to keep to yourself.
Eh, you occasionally let something slip, but nothing too personal.
Honestly, you lie about yourself. (Me: Thanks for your honesty).
7. Dare.
Oh, you are a complete daredevil!
You aren't the "daredevil" type.
It depends/varies.
8. Children.
You've had multiple kids, and are raising.
You've had multiple kids, but don't raise them.
You've had one kid, and are raising.
You've had one kid, but you don't raise them.
You have not had children.
9. Travel.
You've basically traveled around the world.
You've traveled to a pretty good amount of places.
You've traveled to one or two different places.
You don't travel much.
10. Charity work.
You've done it.
11. Television and music.
You've watched and listened to as much as you can.
You listen/watch what you've found you like.
You don't watch much TV, but listen to a ton of music.
You don't listen to a lot of music, but watch a ton of TV.
You rarely, if ever, watch TV or listen to music, really.
12. Alcohol and drugs.
You've done a good amount of both.
You haven't done much of it, but yes, you've done both.
Alcohol only.
Drugs only.
Neither, but you want to.
Neither, and you don't plan on it.
13. Religion.
You are very religious.
You are... eh, ify on it.
You dislike religion.
You just aren't very religious...
14. Trends.
You strongly follow them.
You kind of follow them.
You don't follow trends. They'll pass anyway.
15. Fighting.
You are in a fight what seems like daily.
You are in fights pretty often.
Only when people really get the better of you.
You're not a huge fighter.
16. Sex.
You're not a virgin, but not many can tell.
It's obvious that you are not a virgin!
You're a virgin and it's obvious.
You're a virgin but many people think otherwise.
17. Publicity.
You're pretty much a public figure/celebrity.
Eh, you've been on TV/ect, but nothing too big.
You've had no "publicity" whatsoever.
18. Pets.
You have had a ton of animals.
You've had a few pets.
You've had one pet.
No pets for you.
You've had... let's just say an animal. Not something you'd normally call a pet.
19. Jail.
You've been in prision multiple times for longish periods.
You've been to prision once.
You've been in jail. Not prision.
No. But you can picture yourself in jail.
No, and you would never.
20. You are:
21. You are more:
22. How much do you feel you've been through?
A ton... you have no clue.
A decent amount.
Not much, honestly.

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