How High-Class are you?

Sure, many people say they are of a High-Class nature, but are you? Take the quiz and find out. Remember that the H and C are capitalised for a reason.

Do you think you are High-Class? Take the test and find out. This detailed quiz will analyze your tastes and degree of intellectual competence. The results may shock you, because American society has a rather warped idea of what High-Class really is.

Created by: J.M.W.
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What are your favourite sports?
Golf, Tennis, Lacrosse, Skiing
Basketball, Football, and Futbol (soccer)
Baseball, Pro-Wrestling, Boxing
Monster truck rallies, Motocross, Skateboarding
I don't play/follow sports because I am not an athletic person.
I don't play/follow sports because I am too busing with more brain-related matters.
4. What type of food do you like?
Whatever tastes good and will give you a heart attack. Give me burgers, fries and chile dogs!
Chips and dip
Something healthy, because I don't want bad food hindering my health/appearance
Healthy food during the week, and say, grilled samon, cavier and red wine of weekend outings
5. What does the phrase "nouvre riche" mean?
It's a type of French creme they use on deserts
It's an age old term for those newly initiated (de facto, that is) into the sociological "lower-upper" class.
It's a term used on the street which translates into "ni**er rich"
It's a term for those who are referred to as "new money"
I don't know, but I don't trust anyone who speaks French
6. In the context of Chapter Three of Descartes "Discourse on Metaphysics" Descartes comes to a consensus with his conciousness, stating "cogito ergo sum"...meaning:
Cognito consumes me: Descartes was trying to explain that all people have a type of dual identity
That the sum of all problems and inquiries can be defined as the gears of the universe
I think therefore I am: he used this point to philosophically prove the existence of God by stating the cause of the existence of thought
That every reaction carries an equal but opposite reaction
7. What is your thought on the environment?
The environment is the epicenter of the planet's lifeforce, therefore it must be protected, to ensure the health of all who inhabit it.
I think the environment must be taken care of, but various environmental groups and legislation such as the Clean Air Act in the end serve to hinder economic progress, the REAL epicenter of human lifeforce
I don't care either way, because it is a macro-concern, in other words it does not affect me on an individual level
What?!? Who gives? I mean, we all know Global Warming does not exist and never will, so I'm gonna keep driving my truck and dumping cans and wrappers wherever the heck I want! This is America, where it's about the individual, not the environment!
We should not spend money taking care of the environment because there is no need to do so, if the average temperature is in fact going up by 1 degree C every ten years, then our grandkids will only have to put up with a climate 5 degrees C hotter. I mean
What does the environment have to do with one being what you say is "high class"?
8. In a formal dining setting, which spoon is used for dessert?
The first spoon to the left
The third spoon on the right
The smaller spoon on the right hand side of the soup spoon?
The fourth spoon on the left
What is it with you French patrons? New England style silverware arrangements are the real way to go!
9. What are your thoughts on ExonMobile's MasterPiece Theatre?
I like it. Yes, it is generated by the very petroleum-industry giant that gouges the Third World daily, but it is good to see they were forced to give back to the community.
It is a great way to watch film renditions of David Copperfield, and Bleak House.
I have heard of it, I would like to watch it, but I do not have the time
What the heck? Never heard of this show, and would never watch it either. British film is so boring.
10. What type of car do you drive? (If you do not drive any of these cars, pick what you WOULD drive)
A BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus SUV
An American made truck or SUV because I don't trust imported products
A Honda Accord, or hybrid, something that will not hurt the environment...that much.
A Porsche or Mercedes roadster, fancy yet environmentally sound.
A motorcycle
11. Do you buy your fragrence at Neiman Marcus?
What is Neiman Marcus?
12. Who is Vera Wang?
Only the best fashion designer in the greater world.
An instructor at the University of Berekely from Tokyo, Japan
My great aunt's bridge partner
That talk show host who used to be on NBC
13. The following will test your knowledge on Western social class. Please select the option that lists the Sociological class brackets from lowest to highest:
U, LW, W, LM, MM, UM, LU, UU
Working class, middle class, upper class
Poor, Rich
Peasants, Nobles, Rulers
Workers, Mangers, Executives
14. There is a saying among the higher classes in Europe. It states that "...the middle class will alwayas have an inferiority complex because..."
"...they have only money and no class position."
"...any of them can become Prime Minister, but none of them will ever be King/Queen."
" matter how much they make, there will always be someone who makes more."
15. Do you feel this quiz was "class biased"?
Yes, because to genuinely score high on it, you must adhere to various tastes and mannerisms that require you to have a high income.
Yes, but not in the monetary sense. In many places, such as France, social class has very little to do with how much money you have, but rather it depends on your social prestige.
No, I mean, if you don't like the quiz, get out, ya know?
No because it largely bases questions on intellectual matters, and it does not take the richest person to be intellectually inclined.
Yes, because even though intellectual competence does not always equal monetary strength, it is in itself a form of "class".

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