How dumb are you??

This quiz was all just for fun and please do Not take it seriously I was just bored. This quiz is just to see if you can answer these simple questions.

The main reason I made this quiz is just because I was lying in my bed staring at my phone thinking of stupid questions to ask myself but then i thoight i could make a quiz so other people can answer them instead of me

Created by: Abbie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is 1 and 1?
  2. Click the Red Button
  3. How do you spell"yes"
  4. What is the title of this quiz?
  5. Did you like this quiz?
  6. Ha ha I tricked you it's not finished, what website are you on right now taking this very quiz? Remember this "blue"
  7. What is my favourite colour? (Remember from another question)
  8. What does ttyl mean??
  9. Did you like tv a quiz?
  10. Should I make more quizzes?

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Quiz topic: How dumb am I??