How cliché is the main character of your story?

This quiz is about main character cliches and all. Cliches happen all over stories, movies and s---, so character tropes are easy to follow the pattern.

No one likes Gary Stus, Mary Sues or the hero/heroine whose goal is to save the world for the justice of the people and for the sake of their friends. That's just...dumb as hell if you think about it because I don't think the power of friendship is enough to give you super powers and all.

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  1. What is your main character's ethnicity?
  2. What is their eye color?
  3. Does your character have any special kind of eyes that distinguish them from your other characters?
  4. Is your character a teenager?
  5. Does your character go on some special type of quest to find a specific magical object?
  6. Are your character's parents dead?
  7. Is the villain of the story a relative of the MC?
  8. Does your story have any kind of fantasy elements involved?
  9. If you answered yes to the previous question, is the magic centered on elements and such?
  10. Is there a wise old dude to mentor your MC?
  11. Does your character fight for the justice of the world and for the power of friendship?
  12. Does your MC have any siblings?
  13. Are any of the siblings evil?
  14. Does your MC eat a lot?
  15. Is his/her rival a dark-haired, broody emo type of person, with a horrible past and an aloof personality?
  16. Will the rival eventually join the bad guy's side, and then get rescued by the hero/heroine?
  17. Does your MC have a lost interest?
  18. Who is the person they love?
  19. Is your story set in some type of medieval/European land?

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