How Atlanta are you?

There are nearly 5 million people living in and around the great American city of Atlanta, Georgia. Some of you might already live here, but find out if you really know this town.

Are you really all about Atlanta or just "kind of" Atlanta. See if you are ITP or OTP? Can you earn this prestigious southern title? Thanks to this great and short quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Dave Jensen
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. Is Atlanta a capital city?
4. Atlanta is considered to be the capital of what genre of music?
Rock & Roll
Hip Hop / Rap / R&B
5. What is the most well known street name in Downtown Atlanta?
Ludacris Lane
Bobby Brown Parkway
Peachtree Street
Peachtree Road
6. If you are drinking "Sweetwater", what would you be drinking?
Chattahoochee River Water
Vodka and Red Bull
7. Who sings the 1992 Atlanta Anthem "Chattahoochee"? You know "Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee"...
Randy Travis
Alan Jackson
Travis Tritt
Andre 3000
8. Which nightlife district of Atlanta is now considered by many 20-30 somethings to be "so 5 years ago"
Virginia Highland(s)
Little 5 Points
9. What is the best menu item at "THE VARSITY"
Frosted Orange
Chili Dog / Burger
Onion Rings
Anything deep fried
10. How are you greeted at THE VARSITY?
"Welcome to The Varsity"
"May I take your drink order?"
"What's up?"
"What'll ya ha-ave?"
11. If you wanted to go out one night and have a time that would never forget, where should you go?
Taco Mac
Hawks Game
Zoo Atlanta
Clermont Lounge
12. What is "The Perimeter"
An invisible line surrounding downtown
A freeway
A mall
A nightclub
13. The old Atlanta-Fulton County stadium used to be called "the launching pad", why was it called this?
NASA nicknamed it.
They used to launch model rockets there
Hank Arron hit a ton of home runs there.
Atlanta is over 1,000 feet above sea-level, so baseballs would travel further in the thinner air.
14. Besides Hank Arron, who is our all time favorite Atlanta Braves player?
Dale Murphy
Chipper Jones
Fred McGriff
David Justice
15. If I am a Silverback, what am I?
A gorilla at Zoo Atlanta
A fish at the Georgia Aquarium
A Georgia Tech fraternity member
A soccer player
16. What destroyed Atlanta in 1864?
The North
General Sherman
Fire (arson)
17. In what month is the annual "Great Decatur Beer festival?"
18. The Atlanta Dogwood Festival is typically held in what month?
19. Which legendary music icon calls their upscale Buckhead condo building home? This building is commonly called their (insert name) building.
John Mayer
Elton John
20. Are you ITP or OTP?
What is ITP / OTP mean???
21. What is the worst thing about living in Atlanta?
Not being able to buy beer on Sundays
Lacking consistently good sports teams
22. What is the best thing about living in Atlanta?
Friendly folks
Beautiful People

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