How Apathetic Are You?

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ap·a·thy noun lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern. apathy can be caused by a disorder, trama, drugs, medicine, physical illnesses and many more...

apathy isn't a bad thing...well that really depends on your morals. people often look down on apathetic people simply because they don't/can't feel the same way as they do. this doesn't mean that apathetic people are less than, or "evil". they're your friends, your cousins, your neighbors, etc...

Created by: antisocialschizoid
1. What is your age?
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25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. the following questions are hypothetical situations, answer biased on how you think would react in that situation (this question doesn't matter, answer whatever you want)
4. one day you and your friend of 5 years get into a fight, and are no longer friends. how do you react?
i wouldn't care
i would try to work things out
i would spread rumors about them
i would be happy
5. you're driving down the road when you accidentally hit (and kill) a dog, how do you feel?
it doesn't bother me at all
happy, i hate dogs
sad, poor dog!
disgusted, what a mess!
6. your close friend is crying about something, what do you do?
ignore them
laugh at them
pretend like you care and offer them a shoulder to cry on
7. someone you never met before calls you a derogatory term (e.g. ugly, fat, etc...) how do you react?
punch them in the face!
cry and run away
laugh and call them a derogatory term back
ignore them
8. your friend is telling you about their day, what are you doing?
intently listening, you love hearing about their day!
planning your escape
pretending to listen so you don't hurt their feelings
interupt and tell them about your day
9. BREAKING: there's been a mass shooting in your town! what do you do?
you do whatever you can to help (e.g. donating blood to survivors)
you feel sad about it but you aren't going to help
you sit back and watch the news about it carefree
you wish it hadn't happened but you don't feel anything
10. you just found out someone close to you has died (not because of the mass shooting, this is a different hypothetical) how do you feel?
happy, i didn't care for them anyway
doesn't bother me at all
i'll do what i can to console others but i still don't care
11. there's a natural disaster happening (e.g. earthquake, tornado, flood, etc...) what do you do?
stay where you are, who cares
try to save others
get to shelter and make sure you're safe, you'll check on people after
steal someone else's shelter, you need it more
12. someone asks you how you're your doing, how do you respond?
"i'm great!" (you mean it)
"i'm great!" (you don't mean it)
"not good"

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