How am I going to die?

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herekittykitty said:
Mar 12 '15, 5:36PM


1D ROXX said:
Sep 12 '14, 10:03AM

wtf how do u knw that i'm gonna die within seven days who eva u r....sorry to b rude Mr. or Miss

BadBear said:
Aug 2 '13, 8:17AM

Oh damn I'm gonna die in 7 days I guess I ain't gonna see real zombies darn :(

stephanie123 said:
Aug 30 '11, 11:06PM

you don't know when im gonna die only god does...

deathh said:
Apr 26 '11, 4:55PM

Thanks for confirming that i am going to die, i have been so low for so long iam glad you confirmed it to me i can now kill myself tonight knowing it was meant to be ... thanks

seven23 said:
Mar 27 '11, 5:45PM

well i am goin to die but not in a few days

seven23 said:
Mar 27 '11, 5:44PM

im not goin to die if you want to know wen ur goin to go to death clock .com try it

xxemo_princessxx said:
Mar 9 '11, 9:55AM

it said i would die good.

naya said:
Jan 11 '11, 10:58AM

i am so scared

ssssss said:
Nov 20 '10, 3:06AM

this is totally wrong. Imagine if it is correct god is not there right. So god only knows from all of you.

lilly1996 said:
Jun 9 '10, 2:39PM


cookie66 said:
May 29 '10, 12:36AM

hey sup

cookie66 said:
May 29 '10, 12:34AM

that was so frikin stupid. i dont know witch is more stupid the quiz, or me for takin it lol ha ha ha ha

pigbrother said:
Dec 24 '09, 7:26PM

The quiz is called, "How am I going to die?", but it tells you "when" you are going to die. Totally stupid.

shadyx92 said:
Jan 13 '09, 3:09PM

HA HA. Yah. That was a waste of time. lol Kinda funny though. DUCES

Shakahn said:
Oct 23 '07, 7:16PM

this quiz was really ramdom.ahh yeah lol

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