Hoe big of a My little pony fan are you?

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Are you a lap freak do you know Mlp as good as you think find out now play the test if you dare ;-; ps this is so easy but still try it hope you pas moehahahaha

Just so you know I have a YouTube channel if you like Mlp is for you ;) it's called 'flutter girl' so check it out if you like Mlp I make comedy and toy reviews and way more thanks if you do

Created by: Fluttergirl of Gotoquiz.com
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  1. What is twilights last name
  2. One pony is NOT from the mane six but who?
  3. Twilight sparkle has a baby dragon called....?
  4. When is the new my little pony movie coming out?
  5. How many seasons does Mlp have ( plus the new one)
  6. How is the withe princess called
  7. How many questions did you had right so far?
  8. How are the new Mlp toys called?
  9. Do you like this quiz so far?
  10. LAST QUESTION SUPER DIFFICULT How is the YouTuber with 225.000 subscribers called who makes Mlp videos and her (real) name starts with a l?

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Quiz topic: Hoe big of a My little pony fan am I?