Harry potter test

There are a lot of good harry potter knowledge people! But there are few people who are perfect at it! SO know you can find out if your one of those rare perfects!

Are YOU a harry potter knowlage person? Can you become one in just a couple minutes you will find out if you are! So try my quiz now and you'll love it!

Created by: Unkown

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  1. True or false hagrid has a sister who is a giant
  2. Accio is a
  3. Who is the ghost of the slytherins?
  4. What house is albus potter in?
  5. Dumbledore means..?
  6. Lumos does what
  7. Who teaches harry to do the summoning spell
  8. Does harry potter die?
  9. How many books are there?
  10. did you like this quiz?

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