Guess that singer

There are many singers out fact there are alot of everything out there.just take me quiz I don't have anything else to say so I'm just gone say some,

Take my quiz please I don't got nothing to say so I'm just gone type something.ok so I'm just typing anything cause I dont got nothing else to say....

Created by: Paisley_marie
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1. A year without rain
Selena gomez
Katy perry
Lady gaga
Miley cyrus
2. Firework
Miley Cyrus
Selena gomez
Katy perry
3. Love game
Victoria justice
Lady gaga
Kim kardashian
Taylor swift
4. Poison
Nicole scherzinger
Keri hilson
Britney spears
5. Baby
Justin bieber
Lil twist
Demi lovato
6. Beautiful people
Chris brown
Lil wayne
Kelly rowland
Selena gomez
7. Love story
Nicki minaj
Taylor swift
Katy perry
8. Rolling in the deep
Katy perry
Demi lovato
9. The lazy song
Lady gaga
Katy perry
Bruno mars
10. Dreaming of you
Ariana grande
Selena gomez
Ashley tisdale
11. Rock the boat
Missy elliot
Victoria justice
12. Party in the usa
Miley cyrus
Miranda cosgrove
Selena gomez

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