Genius Quiz; what do these words mean?

Hi! I see you have found my quiz! Make sure you have two things: Your trybestiton and your knowledge! Please take this time for me and always make sure to do it!

Make sure you do your best and remember, It's just for fun! No pressure intended. If it is pressuring you, remember that it's just for fun and that I don't want you to be pressured!

Created by: Malina

  1. I'll start easy. What does discombobulated mean?
  2. What is the meaniing of Blandishment
  3. What is the meaning of dearth?
  4. What is the meaning of discomfit?
  5. What does puerile mean?
  6. Now for math! If you wrote a letter to math, what would it be?
  7. What is 29/365?
  8. 426X7243
  9. Jenny had 300 candy bars. She ate 287. What does Jenny have left?
  10. Lindo had picked 9 apples. He picked 21 more. He took the apples home and did had pie with his mom. Yay for pie! Later he yelled at his dog and ate 21 apricots. How many apricots does Danny have left?
  11. Spelling! How do you spell this?
  12. How do you spell this?
  13. How do you spell this?
  14. How do you spell this?
  15. Last but harder than the rest... How do you spell this?

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