Food Preperation

Are you a genius in food preparation? Well take this quiz to find out!!! If you have a food safety test coming up or food preparation this is something great to practice on.

You think you know everything about food preparation well guess again!!! Take this quiz find out just how smart you think you are!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Created by: Makayla Martin

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  1. What is the first thing you must do when preparing food?
  2. True or False: You do not have to wear a hat or hairnet when preparing food.
  3. Choose the answer that does not belong
  4. True or False: It is more sanitary to continuously wash your hands than it is to wear gloves?
  5. Click the correct way you should prepare food
  6. Select the complete Balanced Meal
  7. If you do not how to do something you should?
  8. If you are sick you should still prepare food? True or False
  9. How can preparing food help your family?
  10. Is it possible you ,the teen, will be able to help different functions of the family after learning food preparation safety

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