Fill In The FOB Lyrics

Hey people. I did a small search and saw there were no Fall Out Boy specific lyric quizzes so I made one. Their lyrics are really good when properly understood.

But DO YOU have this level of understanding of the lyrics? Are you capable of determining which lyrics fit where in some of their most known songs and some that aren't as well known? Take the quiz and find out...

Created by: Bduff
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1. "The songs you grow to like, _____________" Dead On Arrival
"Never stick at first"
"Are better at night"
"Can't be forgotten"
"Are dead on arrival"
2. "When I said that I'd return ___________" It's Hard To Say "I Do" When I Don't.
"home I meant more like rehab"
"to you I meant more like a relapse"
"it was to detox, but I'll retox"
"I mean to dance, dance"
3. "Would have-beens of husbands ______" The Carpal Tunnel of Love
"making you single again"
"make me blame you, for being you"
"sharpening the knives of young wives"
"whoa, we're so miserable"
4. "Tonight it's, 'this can't get much worse' vs. __________________ Dance, Dance
"We're falling apart to half time"
" It's a godamn arms race"
"I've become so numb"
"No one should ever feel like.."
5. "Tempest in a teacup, get unique. ________________" Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet
"For the rockside princess shine but your teeth"
"Peroxide princesses shine like shark teeth"
"It's a sign; what if you peaked early?"
"We're gonna shoot you, we're gonna shoot you"
6. "You could have knocked me out with a (feather) _________________" America's Suitehearts
"We must make it hard to look so easy doing something so hard:
"We're well read, and poised"
"I know you heard this all before but we're just Hell's neighbors.
"This ain't a scene"
7. "And let December go in flames _______________" I don't care
"Cause I don't care what you think"
"Cause the song on the radio says "Let's get this party started". So let's get this party started.
"These 'friends'; they don't love you"
"Face myself and let go. Start it over again in Mexico."
8. "__________, tell the best jokes" Alpha Dog
"We must make it hard to look so easy doing something so hard:
"We must have the best coats"
"Alpha Dogs must be cool"
"We must have the best coach"
9. "..and everything I love about you is a mess. ________________________" One & Only
"Smash the mirror, and break your palm reader's hand."
"Wipe the smile off your face"
"Be my unholy"
"We take sour sips from life's lush lips"
10. "On the drive home _____________" Tell That Mike He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today
"say 'He tastes like you but sweeter'"
"Joke about the kid you used to see"
"Bury me in jealousy"
"Joke about me and who you used to be"

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