eddsworld quiz for fans

eddsworld eddsworld say whos world is it?eddsworld!with tom!blue hoodie, both angry and rude maybe its his smarts maybe its the tude one thin for certain he doesnt make sense half the time hes the other half.tom:what?and matt!noone likes him as much as himself hes got a formidable chin but he doesnt know what that word means cause hes got the intelligence of a kitchen shelf.matt:hey!

tord!hes obsessed with guns when he was around the shows were fun.He was the one that zanta tried to replace dont mess with him or hell shoot you in the face!tord:yep edd!usually the leader and always the of em all to poke fun!hes the artist he loves cola and hes always trying to make a pun!probably due to his linquistic "edd"ucation!edd:thats terrible. eddsworld!

Created by: Thomas Ridgewell

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what age was edd when he made his first eddisode?
  2. which year did edd die?
  3. what is edds full name
  4. what is my full name
  5. what is my rivals name?
  6. which homo ship do you like best
  7. what is MY youtube name?
  8. are you ready for last question?
  9. these last three count against your score you know so are you really ready?
  10. what is edds university name?

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