Does He Actually Have A Crush On You, or Is he playing?

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There are plenty of fish in the ocean, you will find another guy! Trust me, you will not marry your first crush unless you guys are together. Don't forget to date for love not for fun, it can cause serious heart break. Always make sure your not hurt, and your making the right choices! If he likes you, great!!!

Does he like you? Or is he a player? Find out if he has a crush on you or he's just playing with your heart! Very accurate! Wether he make like you or not this quiz is still fun to take!

Created by: Melis Senkaya
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. First of all, do you like him? And how much?
I got a crush on him :)
I like him a lot!
Its so-so
I hate him just seeing if he likes me
I love him!! I want him to be mine!!
4. Do you ever catch him looking at you, like a little look then flutter eye lashes and look somewhere else, or stares?
Idk I don't take notice.
Sometimes I see him look at me
All the time
He looks in my direction!
He stares at me
Happened once or twice
5. Did he ever smile at you?
Once he did
A couple times
He always does
He's nice like that
He does that when I'm with him in jokes
6. Does he ever say mean things to you, enough to hurt?
Nope we're like BFF'S!
One time he did
When we're in fights
7. Does he tease you in a playful way?
Oh yeah!
He always does!
Yep, we both do it to each other
He acts like I don't exist
He makes fun of me
8. Do you guys talk a lot?
Yep 24/7
A lot, yes!
Only when we're in groups or doing something at school
A couple times but I'm like "not there" to him
9. Does he look at you to make sure your laughing at his jokes when he makes a joke?
Yes!! When I laugh I always catch him smiling at me!
No he always looks away
As I've told you he doesn't care about me!
I never look at him to notice
10. Does he flirt with you? (Talking to you a lot about things you like or he likes and making you laugh a lot)
Yeah he always does
I think so
Yes but he does that to every girl
For the last time you idiot...He hates me!
Remember? *Sniffle* I'm not there.
11. Did you ever ask him to slowdance with you and he said yes?
Yep, I was so scared but he said yes!
Yeah this one time
No he said go away
No he said he was too scared
He ignored me
12. Did he ever ask you to a dance?
Yeah this one time
Yes he did!!
Yeah but he was desperate
Yeah but he was a loner
Yes but he said "nvm"
13. Did he ever ask to slow dance with you?
14. Did he ever ask you out?
15. Did you ever ask him out and he said yes?
Yes he said yes!
I did but he said no
16. Did you guys ever hug?
17. Did you guys ever kiss (adcidental counts!)
Yeah we tripped
18. Does he ever talk to his friends about you?
Sometimes I hear him mutter my name
All the time!
Only if its something about school
Only if its something about a prank or joke I'm in
19. Does he know you like him? How does he feel?
I will tell him when the time is right
Yes I did tell him he didn't freak!! :D
My stupid friend told him
Yeah he said it was weird
Yes and he freaked out

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