Do you like her?

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Hey there Quiz Taker! Mind if I call you that? Cool! What's this quiz about? I hear you asking. Well, this quiz is designed to see if you like a girl you've been unsure about lately. This quiz is not totally accurate so don't take it for word!

Dang she's a bit crazy, I hear you say through the screen! Well I am. Anyway, I hope you enjoy taking this quiz and finding out if you like her or not! (This quiz is a bit weird but fun! Not 100% accurate though)

Created by: DragonQueen227 of If Only (Fanfic Book 1)
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  1. Are you two friends?
  2. Is she dating anyone?
  3. Do you get butterflies around her?
  4. Are you completely honest with each other?
  5. Does she make you laugh?
  6. How often do you talk with her?
  7. How much do you think about her?
  8. If she asked you out, you would say...?
  9. Would you get jealous of her boyfriend?
  10. Do you feel as if your friendship has developed into a romance?

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