Do you know your slogans?

Many companies use catchy slogans in their advertisements. Over time, everyone starts to remember them, which is probably what exactly what they are designed for. Some of them become quite famous.

If you watch a lot of TV, as I do, you know what I mean. So here is a test to see how many you can remember. Some of them show a slogan and you choose the company is goes with. Other have you fill in the blanks or guess which slogans are real and which are made up. Enjoy the test!

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1. what company uses the slogan "Mmm, mmm, good!"?
2. What company uses the slogan "Add some roo to your do!"?
Mr. Clean
3. It seems like McDonald's is always changing it's slogan. which of these has never been a McDonald's slogan?
Be McHappy!
We love to see you smile!
I'm lovin' it!
Did somebody say McDonalds?
4. Complete this Pillsburry slogan: "My ________ To Yours"
5. Which is the real slogan of Sara Lee?
"Everybody likes Sara Lee!"
"Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee!"
"Everybody loves Sara Lee!"
"Nobody doesn't love Sara Lee"?
6. Complete this slogan: "Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's ________."
Mary Kay
Estee Lauder
7. Complete this slogan: "The snack that smiles back,________!"
Teddy Grahms
Smiley Fries
Gummi Bears
8. Complete this slogan: "Hidden Valley Ranch, the way ranch...
...should always taste."
...ought to taste." supposed to taste." meant to taste."
9. According to their slogan, what brand of peanut butter do "choosy moms" choose?
Peter Pan
Teddy Bear
10. which weight loss program uses the slogan,"Stop dieting. Start living."?
Jenny Craig
Weight Watchers

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