Do you know Greys?

Greys Anatomy, do you know anyhting about it? From the Creator, to the actors/actress, to the lines in the show. come test your ability! this test will differentiate the EXTREME fans, from the occasional watchers!

Are you a true fan? or do u only watch it when it is convient? Do you pay attention to detail? or do u jsut watch it for the sex scenes? do you kno the characters of SGH? only this test will tel....

Created by: Demps
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1. Who is the creator of Greys Anatomy?
Betsy Beers
Rob Corn
Ellen Pompeo
Shonda Rhimes
2. When did the first episode air? (1.01 S1E1)
March 2005
Sept. 2005
March 2006
Sept. 2004
3. Name the Actresses that play the following characters: Meredith, Isobel, Cristina, Addison? (in order)
Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, Kate Walsh, Sandra Oh
Ellen Pompeo, Katie Heigl, Sandra Oh, Kate Walsh
Katie Heigl, Sandra Oh, Kate Walsh, Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo, Kate Walsh, Sandra Oh, Katie Heigl
4. Name the Actors that play the following roles: Cheif Webber, Derek, Alex, George. (in order)
James Pickens Jr., Patrick Dempsey, Theadore Raymond(TR) Knight, Eric Dane
Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr., Patrick Dempsey, Theadore Raymond (TR) Knight.
Theadore Raymond (TR) Knight, James Pickens Jr., Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane
James Pickens Jr., Patrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers, Theadore Raymond (TR) knight
5. What is a 6 letter word for 'Pinnacle'?
6. How many sisters, neices and nephews does Derek Shepherd have?
7. what are the 3 ways meredith loves derek (main order)?
pretend to like your taste in music, radio above my head, bluberry pie, unfortunate way that makes me hate you-love you
Radio, Music, cheese cake, hate you/love you
music, cheesecake, radio, hate you/love you
cheesecake, music, radio hate you/love you
8. "why do i keep hitting my self with a hammer?"
because i like the pain
because im dark and twisty like that
becuase thats what jesus would freakin' do!
because it feels so good when i stop
9. What is the truth about the truth?
the truth will set you free!
the truth hurts so we lie
were all liars, who needs hte truth.
its not important
10. What is Rob Corns 2 nick-names?
McBossy, Shoots without script
Bossy McBossy, meanie McMeanie
BossyMcBossy, McCorney
BossyMcBossy, Shoots with no script
11. Who is Ipecac?
eskimo doll that Mer sleeps with
medicine used in SGH to help patients puke
Eskimo doll that is found in every episode
Alex's nick name
12. who was the first one to come up with the nick name "McDreamy"?
13. Who came up with the name "McSteamy"?
14. Who is Preston Burke?
a widely renowned cardiothoracic surgeon. and a professional
a heart dude
a widely renowned neuro-surgeon. and a professional
a widely renowned general-surgeon. and a professional
15. Where is Ellis Grey currently living?
At her house with Meredith
At Dereks Trailer
Roserige home for continuing care
roseridge retirement home
16. Complete the following Sentence: "no ________, its sad....really"
self control
17. what was the super secret silent sunset surgery from 1.09?
Cheif's Tumor removal
burkes tremmor surgery
code name for "lets do it in the exam room"
Meredith appendicitis
18. What Steet does Meredith Grey live on?
19. Dr. Erika Hahn, the actress, also starred in which movie that is mentioned through out this series?
Silence of the Lambs
Saw 1
Cant buy me Love
moonlight mile
20. Disappearances happen in science. Disease can suddenly fade away, tumors go missing, and we open someone up to discover the cancer is gone. Its ______ It ____, but it happens.
Rare, Confusing
Unexplaned, Unexpected
Unexpected, Rare
Unexplained, Rare

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