Do You Know BTS?

There are many ARMYs, but a few are true ARMYs. Being an ARMY is, afterall, quite exceptional. An ARMY is someone who loves and knows BTS back and forth, and is able to recognize recognizable things of BTS.

You need to be an ARMY to be able to score 100 percent in this quiz. It is only mandatory and makes sense to an ARMY. I love BTS and if you don't know of them yet, I recommend you search them up.

Created by: KookieIsBiasForever

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  1. Who said: "Infires man, YEAH!"
  2. Who said "Strong powa, tank yu"?
  3. What is V's real name?
  4. What is Suga's real name?
  5. What does ARMY stand for? (if it does stand for something)
  6. What is Rapmonster's real name?
  7. What is J-Hope's real name?
  8. Who said Jimin is "Very no fun"?
  9. Who started the nickname for Jimin: Chimchim
  10. Who is BTS'S maknae?
  11. Who is BTS's "mom"?
  12. Who is BTS's "dad"?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know BTS?