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  • this made me feel really sad because it said I 100'/. don't exist!

    crazyrosablast Mar 28 '16, 12:37PM
  • Both answers say you don't exist. By the way,I was tempted to choose "a creepy doorknob" for question 9!

    Random101 Dec 19 '15, 3:44PM
  • ugh fake

    quizidyquizy Oct 26 '15, 11:08PM
  • I exist. You do not. It is basic science that everyone breathing is alive and existing and I do have a purpose in the world. You do not

    applecake123 Jun 25 '15, 12:18PM
  • Helvetiegh... I dislike the answers. They both state that my existence is nothing. Adj >:(

    SonicFangirl1 Jun 2 '15, 3:36AM
  • Just cuz my user it a dead cat doesn't mean I'm dead u know

    XxSnowtuftxX Aug 23 '14, 11:39PM
  • Alright then... I'm a ghost O.O ... but c'mon you don't really give me a chance since either way you don't exist.....

    LaurannaHedgie Aug 6 '14, 4:04PM
  • i do not exist right?????

    jubilee Jul 30 '14, 11:49AM
  • I do not exist...

    AcidWolf Jul 29 '14, 6:14PM
  • You're right. :o I do not exist!

    BTRfreak Jul 29 '14, 1:44PM
  • Well I already have issues with self confidence and recently cutting my self and it said "up" and "side" are useless, just like you... Well f*** off you b*tch

    AlyssaMissa10 Jul 29 '14, 12:03AM
  • Both the answers were you do not exist.

    Beautiful123 Jul 28 '14, 11:36AM
  • I exist!!!!! How could I make this comment!!!!!

    dogsbuddy Jul 27 '14, 8:37PM
  • im right here im not a frigging ghost im a dam humsn

    otty Jul 27 '14, 3:47PM

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