Do You Actually Exist?

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crazyrosablast said:
Mar 28 '16, 12:37PM

this made me feel really sad because it said I 100'/. don't exist!

Random101 said:
Dec 19 '15, 3:44PM

Both answers say you don't exist. By the way,I was tempted to choose "a creepy doorknob" for question 9!

quizidyquizy said:
Oct 26 '15, 11:08PM

ugh fake

applecake123 said:
Jun 25 '15, 12:18PM

I exist. You do not. It is basic science that everyone breathing is alive and existing and I do have a purpose in the world. You do not

SonicFangirl1 said:
Jun 2 '15, 3:36AM

Helvetiegh... I dislike the answers. They both state that my existence is nothing. Adj >:(

XxSnowtuftxX said:
Aug 23 '14, 11:39PM

Just cuz my user it a dead cat doesn't mean I'm dead u know

LaurannaHedgie said:
Aug 6 '14, 4:04PM

Alright then... I'm a ghost O.O ... but c'mon you don't really give me a chance since either way you don't exist.....

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