Could Trump be your daddy?

Hai d00ds. I'm new to this so sorry that it is really good and when you started yours looked like your Mum's birth hole after she had you. DISGUSTING!!1

If you get triggered by this 'quiz' what honestly have you been doing with your life? This thing took me like an hour because I had to make it perfect and you had to come here and report it bc you think Im calling you a fat whale even when I am but Im going to say Im not because I want this quiz to stay and see if people will actually play it.

Created by: Babushka

  1. Is your skin the perfect orange to match daddy Trump?
  2. Is your hairline crusty?
  3. Do you know how to be a leader?
  4. Have you watched the one of the Shrek movies at least more than five times?
  5. Have you watched 'Shrek is love, Shrek is life'?
  6. Do you like cheetos?
  7. Do you like onions?
  8. Do you like obese whales that stand at the beach who flop around in the sand slapping everybody with their fat tails and then belly flop on everybody, eventually suffocating and killing the lives of many?
  9. Did I do good on my first quiz? <3 I shove jelly rolls up my abortion hole which is my ear. This has no effect on your answer btw
  10. I had to post another question rip

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Quiz topic: Could Trump be my daddy?