Complete Pottermore Ilvermorny Sorting

This quiz contains all possible questions for the Ilvermorny Sorting Quiz on Pottermore. In here you can be sure about which of the four american houses you belong to.

Take your time to answer the questions and try to be as honest as possible. Some questions had more than 6 options, if your answer is not among the options simply select none of the above and choose from one of the answers below it.

Created by: TGranger
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Would you rather?
4. What's your preference?
5. Do you prefer to…
6. Think of the question you would most like answered, by a person or an all-knowing being or device. Which of the following most closely resembles the answer you'd like to hear?
Without a shadow of a doubt
Very soon
It is impossible
None of above
7. (continuation for previous question)
I will show you everything
Only if you agree
If you come with me
No, I didn't
You are
None of above
8. (continuation from previous question)
Yes, you may
Only once
If you want to
Not for many years
None of above
9. I most value…
10. My beliefs are…
hard won
who I am
constantly evolving
few but strong
11. What would you exchange for your heart's desire?
That which I can afford to lose
Blood, sweat and tears
What it is worth
12. My best ideas…
get me in trouble
aren't appreciated enough
have changed my life
have gone to waste
13. I wish I knew how to…
get through
14. I would most like to discover…
a powerful magical creature loyal only to me
an all magical city hidden from the No-Maj world
a spell more powerful than any other
a magical plant that will cure any illness
15. I challenge…
other people's patience
16. My greatest weakness is…
nobody's business but mine
what makes me, me
the source of my greatest strength
something I must change
17. Why?
Why not?
Because I want to
Stupid question
We may never know
18. All I need is…
an opportunity
a little more time
some help
already inside me
19. My magic is…
in need of work
20. I often think…
why did I do that?
why can't I do that?
I wish I had done that
I wonder whether I should do that
21. When will I learn…
to keep my mouth shut
to say no
to do things on time
the secret
22. If I could I would never feel…
23. I am strongest when…
I know I'm right
with my comrades
24. What jinx would you least like to experience?
A jinx that meant nothing was funny
A jinx that made all food taste like straw
A jinx that kept you constantly awake
A jinx that played music constantly in your head
A jinx that struck you dumb
A jinx that forced you to tell the truth
25. What would you least like to lose?
26. Whose judgement do you most fear?
My own
My friends'
My family's
The world's
27. Which would you choose if you could only have one?
The power to change one day in your future
The power to change one day in your past
The power to make one person impervious to harm
The power to bring one person back from the dead
The power to cure one illness worldwide
None of above
28. (Continuation from previous question)
The power to eradicate one quality from all humans
The power to know the answer to any single question
None of above
29. Where would you least like to find yourself?
Imprisoned alone in a silent dungeon
Locked in a crowded cage, standing room only
In the dock in court, accused of a crime you did not commit
On the deck of a ship as the tidal wave comes over the horizon
Trapped in the attic as the house burns below you
None of above
30. (continuation from previous question)
On the rope bridge fraying over the canyon
Lost in the forest at night, eyes staring at you through the dark
None of above
31. You can rescue a baby or the only bottle of a potion that could save 1000 lives. Which do you save?
The baby. The bottle only MIGHT save 1000 lives.
The bottle. The chance of saving 1000 lives is too important to miss.
32. Which is the better motto?
It is nobler to be deceived than to be mistrustful
Friends should not demand blind faith
33. No curse can work without the victim's secret consent.

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