Cherub which character are you ?

Hi . I love the cherub books and seen as you clicked this you must like them too. In this quiz just answer 10 simple questions and find out if your James , Kerry, Lauren, Ryan , Ning ,Bruce or Kyle.

I really wanted a quizz that wasnt obvious who was who. So i decided to make one myself .Thank you so much for clicking on this sorry it's so short . But hope you still enjoy it !! Also would you like me to do a Harry potter quiz?

Created by: Hermione Granger

  1. Are you a girl or boy
  2. You see a girl / boy you like do you
  3. Your ideal birthday would be.....
  4. What's your fav thing about urself
  5. And What's your least fav
  6. What's your fav book
  7. What Hogwarts house are you in
  8. Which is your fave book is none chose n.o.t.a
  9. Which is your fave book If u already chose click n.o.t.a
  10. Click on your fav book

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Quiz topic: Cherub which character am I ?