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  • Do You Have Internet Addiction?
    [by: 4, rated: rated: 3.57/5, published: May 21, 2006]

    Internet addiction is quickly becoming recognized as a real problem causing devastation among a…

  • Facebook Addiction Quiz - How Addicted Are You?
    [by: GTQ Guy, rated: rated: 3.44/5, published: Jan 27, 2011]

    Facebook is the number one social media site online, with about a gazillion and a…

  • How 4chan are you?
    [by: moot, rated: rated: 3.14/5, published: Feb 24, 2008]

    Ah, 4chan. The home of the sickest, strangest, and most horrifying people on the Internet - and some of the…

  • The MySpace Fiend Quiz
    [by: Scott, rated: rated: 3.1/5, published: Apr 18, 2006]

    MySpace quickly became one of the top internet sites of all time. Perhaps you've heard of it. MySpace…

  • What type of admin would you be on a social network?
    [by: Alyssa, rated: rated: 3/5, published: May 14, 2010]

    Welcome to the administrator quiz. This quiz will tell you how good you…

  • How annoying are you on Facebook?
    [by: amazon, rated: rated: 2.93/5, published: Nov 12, 2013]

    This is a quiz about the silly things people get annoyed about on Facebook. The lesson is,…

  • Web 3.0 & Semantic Web Quiz
    [by: Laura Matich, rated: rated: 2.86/5, published: Oct 20, 2010]

    Web 3.0 is, theoretically, the next generation of the Internet. Many believe that Web 3.0 and…

  • Are you addicted to VampireFreaks.com?
    [by: Jaison, rated: rated: 2.79/5, published: Apr 14, 2007]

    There are many members of VampireFreaks.com. But not all are true VF addicts! Want to find…

  • Club Penguin Knowledge Quiz
    [by: Cory, rated: rated: 2.72/5, published: Jan 26, 2007]

    Sure you like Club Penguin. It's a fun game where you can meet friends, hang out, play minigames for…

  • CPM(Club Penguin Master)
    [by: The Geek, rated: rated: 2.71/5, published: Jan 23, 2011]

    If you want to find out if you are a true club penguin genuis then take this quiz! This might not be…

  • Do you deserve to be on the Internet?
    [by: Bill Patterson, rated: rated: 2.6/5, published: Jun 9, 2008]

    These days, anyone can get access to the Internet. For crying out loud, some people don't…

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