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The Pokemon franchise spans video games, trading cards, tv shows, movies, manga, clothing, and more. Pokemon is one of the biggest entertainment franchises in recent times, and there are millions of fans around the world. The Pokemon quizzes in this category were created by fans just like you. See how much of a Pokemaster you are!

Our Pokemon (franchise) Quizzes

  • What Eevee Evoloution are you? POKEMON
    [by: 5501826, rated: rated: 3.76/5, published: Feb 29, 2016]

    Welcome to my first quiz. I do pokemon quizzes! This quiz is about a lovable pokemon who…

  • Pokemon Quiz: Which one are you?
    [by: Frost da Great, rated: rated: 3.72/5, published: Nov 29, 2008]

    Ever wondered which pokemon you are? Legendary? Regular? Famous? Powerful? Speedy? Each pokemon…

  • Pokemon Mystery dungeon personality test
    [by: Jesse, rated: rated: 3.54/5, published: Oct 31, 2010]

    This is The personality Test from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of Darkness and from…

  • What's Your Inner Pokemon?
    [by: sorentheowl, rated: rated: 3.51/5, published: Feb 19, 2011]

    Pokemon - there are tons of quizzes out there about which Pokemon you are. But this one, it doesn't…

  • Which Pokemon XY Character Are You?
    [by: Victoria, rated: rated: 4.16/5, published: Aug 14, 2016]

    Are you a Pokemon fan? Are you familiar with the many Pokemon in the XY series? Then I'm…

  • How much information about Palkia do you know?
    [by: Chris, rated: rated: 3.91/5, published: Dec 23, 2007]

    If you are a Palkia fan, then this is the quiz for you! How much information do…

  • Which eeveloution best fits your personality?
    [by: Vaporeon, rated: rated: 3.4/5, published: Oct 15, 2016]

    There are nine different eeveloutions, (Evoloutions of an Eevee) in the Pok√©mon…

  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
    [by: Dennis, rated: rated: 3.22/5, published: Apr 30, 2008]

    Which Pokemon from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon should you use? Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a popular handheld…

  • What Is Your True Inner Pokemon?
    [by: sorentheowl, rated: rated: 3.13/5, published: Dec 28, 2010]

    Many People like Pokemon...others hate it...some are just plain nerdy about it. However, there…

  • What Hoenn Pokemon are you?
    [by: RodiumTech, rated: rated: 2.91/5, published: Oct 21, 2016]

    Do you ever wonder what Hoenn pokemon a random quiz would describe you as, with hardly any…

  • Pokemon Trivia Quiz
    [by: Will, rated: rated: 2.62/5, published: Dec 31, 2007]

    So you think you know about Pokemon, do you? You've played a few Pokemon games, seen a movie, maybe looked…

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