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Horror movies, including such franchises as Friday the 13th, Saw, and Halloween, have been making audiences jump out of their seats for decades. Some simply shock, while others get inside your head. Fans of horror movies have created some great quizzes. How up to speed are you on this topic? Which movie is your favorite? Try these horror movie quizzes.

Our Horror Movie Quizzes

  • Which Horror Movie Villain are you?
    [by: Buckskin7, rated: rated: 3.89/5, published: Jan 4, 2009]

    Do you love to watch horror movies in the dead of the night? If so this quiz is for you!…

  • How Long Would You Survive in a Horror Movie?
    [by: Airin, rated: rated: 3.79/5, published: Jan 12, 2008]

    Everyone knows that in horror movies, two things are certain. One: very few people…

  • What Troma Character Are You Most Like?
    [by: Sarah, rated: rated: 4.75/5, published: Dec 29, 2006]

    There are many tragic people in this world... the most tragic ones have probably appeared…

  • Survival Horror Class Generator
    [by: MetaGod, rated: rated: 4.18/5, published: Oct 22, 2008]

    A fog glides over the mountains and rolls into the small tourists town of Ocean View, casting an…

  • Can You Survive A Horror Movie?
    [by: Bingo, rated: rated: 4.16/5, published: Jul 12, 2010]

    The commonly said words that come out of peoples mouths after watching a horror movie is, "well i…

  • Which Horror Movie Role Would You Play?
    [by: Doug Jeffreys, rated: rated: 3.29/5, published: Sep 20, 2008]

    Me and my friends Have seen just about every horror film or Scifi thriller that was put…

  • Which Horror or Thriller Movie Should You Star In?
    [by: Krista, rated: rated: 3.26/5, published: Oct 26, 2006]

    There are many horror and thriller movies out there, but have you ever…

  • What FINAL DESTINATION death will you die?
    [by: Hannah, rated: rated: 3.14/5, published: Nov 13, 2009]

    Some people wonder how they are going to die. Those people are morbid freaks. Others…

  • Would you survive a horror movie?
    [by: Joel, rated: rated: 3.09/5, published: Dec 29, 2009]

    Many people ask "I wonder if I could live through a horror movie?" Well find out now... But…

  • Easy Horror Movie Quiz
    [by: Leslie, rated: rated: 2.83/5, published: Feb 7, 2008]

    How familiar are you with horror movies? Classic and new? Take my Horror Movie quiz and let's find out!…

  • Test your Horror Movie Knowledge
    [by: S, rated: rated: 2.82/5, published: Mar 12, 2007]

    There are many types of movies. Action, drama, comedy, etc. but, there is nothing quite as…

  • How well do you know The Shining
    [by: JFK, rated: rated: 2.71/5, published: Oct 13, 2007]

    "There are many horror films out there, but few that remain classics. What is a classic horror…

  • Are You A Hardcore Horror Fan?
    [by: Christian Montoya, rated: rated: 2.7/5, published: Nov 20, 2007]

    Welcome horror fans! do you know your horror movies quite well? then take this test to try out on…

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