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Let's face it, alcohol can be a great and popular topic for quizzes. Are you a drunk and if so, what kind? You can find out with the quizzes below. And as always you can create your own quiz. Enjoy!

Our Drunkenness Quizzes

  • What type of jail drunk are you?
    [by: Amanda, rated: rated: 3/5, published: Aug 7, 2006]

    Nearly everyone likes to have a drink now and then. Some make it a hobby. Which one are you? If…

  • Vodka brands - Where are they from?
    [by: Metamatician, rated: rated: 2.86/5, published: Apr 15, 2007]

    Vodka is one of the world's most popular spirits. Some drink it straight, others on the…

  • Are You Drunker than Mel Gibson?
    [by: Mel, rated: rated: 3.01/5, published: Aug 2, 2006]

    Oh Mel, what have you done? You've gone and had a few too many beers and made some bad…

  • Are You A Lush?
    [by: TBone, rated: rated: 2.76/5, published: Nov 30, 2006]

    What are you? Some kind of Drunk?? How many times have we heard this in our lives? Take this quiz to find out if…

  • What kind of Drunk are you?
    [by: Alyssa, rated: rated: 2.71/5, published: Jul 25, 2006]

    Ther are alot of Drunks out there, but who are they? Drunks can have many different personalities.…

  • Are you an alcoholic?
    [by: Chris, rated: rated: 2.7/5, published: Mar 29, 2007]

    There are many people who enjoy to drink alcohol, and many alcoholics. What is an alcoholic? In what…

  • what beer are you?
    [by: tina, rated: rated: 2.69/5, published: Sep 15, 2006]

    Ever wonder what kind of beer best describes you? Some people like to drink casually and call it a night…

  • How drunk are you at the moment
    [by: Cady, rated: rated: 2.66/5, published: Jan 25, 2008]

    This is a quiz to see if you're drunk or not, and if you are you probably can't read this now, so…

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