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Are you popular? Are you "in"? It's a popular topic for our quiz-makers. So have fun taking the tests below and post the results to your MySpace!

Our Coolness & Popularity Quizzes

  • Do You Have a Place in This World?
    [by: Spek, rated: rated: 3.6/5, published: Jul 22, 2006]

    Life for some, the lucky ones anyway, can sometimes seem like an Abercrombie & Fitch…

  • How Social Are You?
    [by: Kyle, rated: rated: 3.62/5, published: Sep 8, 2006]

    Not all poeple are as social as the average party animal. But there are many with great friends who have fun…

  • How Popular Are You?
    [by: Spek, rated: rated: 3.54/5, published: May 29, 2006]

    Popularity, n: the quality of being widely admired or accepted or sought after. Some people have it. …

  • How Popular are you?
    [by: Sam, rated: rated: 3.38/5, published: Feb 10, 2011]

    Some people are just born with Popularity. People who walk around the school corridors with people grinning…

  • How "in" are you?
    [by: Helen, rated: rated: 3.02/5, published: May 13, 2006]

    Are you constantly bewildered when your teens talk about the latest craze or are you a student who is living in…

  • Are you popular or or geek/nerd
    [by: Shanny, rated: rated: 2.87/5, published: Jul 20, 2006]

    There are many Nerds and geeks in the world but there is a chance you could be one of the loved…

  • How attractive are you...really?
    [by: Asad, rated: rated: 1.89/5, published: Nov 11, 2006]

    How attractive are you...really? You can snow your friends and snow your family. You might even…

  • How Hot Are You?
    [by: samantha, rated: rated: 1.03/5, published: Sep 13, 2006]

    There Are Many People In This World And Not Many Are Hot.Are You????? Do You Ever Ask Yourself "Am I Hott?".Well…

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