can you math ????

pretty much 7th grade math with a couple easy questions sprinkled in *NO CALCULATORS* do you want to be labled as a cheater?! i did not think so.good luck. you are gonna need it or whatever.

so i guess try the test or whatever and smash that like button give it a big fat 10 out of 10. you know if you take the test,vote 10/10,then retake it you will have good luck and might get 100% !!!

Created by: Keegan

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  1. is 1 a prime number or combosite
  2. 765*85
  3. if these measurements were connected, could they make a triangle? *65in. 9in. 60in.*
  4. 2+2
  5. 9 / 3
  6. no calculators 2(7-5)+3(1-1)
  7. no calculators x=8/4+7 (solve for x)
  8. 5*5
  9. 19-8
  10. no calculators ((10(7-5)+5)4)/5=x

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Quiz topic: Can I math ????